“iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 2, “Zombie Knows Best”

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Team Zombie is back on the job, and this time Major (Robert Buckley) gets his first shot at helping the team. Of course, he doesn’t get the play the role he was hoping to play…


  •   Much of the episode is taken up by flashbacks of when Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) was more involved in the lives of Wally and his mother, Anna. This comes about the first time when Detective Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador) reveals that Wally left Clive as his primary point of contact. After that the flashbacks reveal that Clive was far more involved in Wally’s and Anna’s life that he may have indicated in Episode 1, and not only did he play a part in putting Anna’s abusive husband in jail for stretch, but that he was friendly with Anna in a way—well, let’s just say it got to the point where Wally had to step in and tell his mom and Clive that they needed to kiss already. Now we know why Clive wants to find out who killed them.
  •   Ravi (Rahul Kohli) tells Liv (Rose McIver) that he spoken with Peyton (Aly Michalka) and that they’re going to talk. You know, like adults? Ravi is doing some serious pining for Peyton and it doesn’t look good on him. I seriously hope they don’t drag the storyline out too long, because it’s really a bit of a bummer and doesn’t seem to fit with the overall arc of the show.
  •   While all of this takes place we get into the murder of the week: the deaths of father and daughter Stanley and Cindy Chen, who were on their way to ice-skating practice at something like five in the morning when their car was T-boned by a mysterious driver. Liv, Ravi, and Clive appear on the scene ready to investigate, but the moment Liv sees the tent where the Seattle Police Department are holding the bodies, she has one thing in mind—
  •   And so it comes to pass that Clive gets to sit in on his first Brain Bake. In this case Liv cooks up some awesome chili dogs with just a touch of father and daughter brains. Major shows up after the fact and he’s ready to chow down on Daddy Brains. Oh, so sorry, Major, but Liv already got the Daddy Brains, which means he has to suffice on Daughter Brains. You snooze around here, Major, you lose.
  •   While Liv and Clive are out, Major and Ravi have a heart-to-heart about Peyton, and like, you know, Major like just can’t see, like, you know, what it is that Peyton like, you know, sees in Blaine. ‘Cause, like, you know, Eeewwwww, for reals. If there is one thing the show does well it’s Major having to deal with being a teenage girl.
  •   Or maybe, he’s not really dealing with it well, because he has some major freak outs later when he shows up for training at Fillmore Graves and he tells his fellow zombies that he ate some brains and he’s having all sorts of personality overlays. They show him how to deal with that issue: Brains in a Tube. Essentially, a combination of smooshed up brains stuck in a tube and eaten like Go-Gurt®. Major likes that idea, but also decides it’s time to show his buddies a selfie he took, and that’s when we have the first flashback: Cindy showing her father something on her phone.
  •   Now we know there’s something important on the phone, Clive calls in police IT guy—a dude will affectionately referred to as Vampire Steve as that’s how he’s listed in the credits—to retrieve what he can from Cindy’s shattered phone.  That’s when Liv gets her flashback: from the daddy’s point of view she sees what daughter was showing, and that was a girl—who we later learned was Cindy’s best friend who like totally unfriended her on Facebook and deleted all her text—in bed with a much older dude.  A dude who comes to pick up Cindy’s best friend when Clive and Liv are through questioning her.  A dude who we later find out is her stepfather.  Which leads everyone to assume step daddy killed the Chens to keep them from talking—something that’s reinforced once we discover stepdaddy has a big truck and, once the cops start examining Cindy’s best friend’s phone, the mother implicates her husband.
  •   Vampire Steve knows better and figures out that mom was using her daughter’s phone to track Cindy’s location and then used her husband’s truck to kill the Chens.  Reasons?  Damn, who needs reasons!  Mom discovers her daughter is fucking her husband and given that she comes from a rather respectable family, her inclination is to eliminate any trouble that may come across as embarrassing for her.  Ergo, frame the husband for the crime that she herself committed to get rid of witnesses/evidence.  She gets hauled away to jail, the husband gets picked up for statutory rape, and who the hell knows what happens the Cindy’s best friend.  Maybe she’ll come back later as a zombie.
  •   But the best is yet to come. Robbie discovers from extensive listening of the Chuck Burd Show that someone called in and said they found tubes of brains in the trash next door to their house. Of course, the owner of this house happened to live next door to Wally and Anna…
  •   So Clive and Liv pay said neighbor a call. He’s a paranoid type, but it turns out he wasn’t the rat. While he suspects that perhaps there were zombies living next door, he’s asserted dude doesn’t want to get involved. However, he turns Clive and Liv onto a message board where All Things Zombie are discussed—including finding Brains in a Tube in your neighbor’s trash cans.  The implication here is that someone is looking for a patsy to pin a triple-murder on, and Neighbor to Zombies is the go-to guy.  Since he had alibis, Clive and Liv are certain whomever did the killings is still out there.
  •   This information is presented to Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), who chuckles dryly and says that their initial assumption was that three years would pass before humans became aware of zombies. In reality it’s been a whole lot less than that. Obviously if the human timeline has been changed, it looks as if the zombie timeline is going to have to make a few changes as well…



Title Callouts: Zombie Knows Best refers back to the old television series Father Knows Best, where father did, indeed, know far, far more than the rest of his 1950s family. While we know that TV show was complete bullshit, we get a chance to see Liv being the authority figure in Major’s life, and you get the feeling that the dude whose brains she consumed was just as full of shit as Robert Young was in his TV series.



Liv (Rose McIver)
Ravi (Rahul Kohli)
Major (Robert Buckley)
Clive (Malcolm Goodwin)
Peyton (Aly Michalka)

Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage)
Detective Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador)


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