“iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 1, “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother”

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Well, it took a bit doing to get this far, but here we are: ready to start Season 3 of iZombie. And never let it be said that they don’t know how to pick up from where they left off.

So let’s get to the “Zeebriefing” and bullet point this sucker, shall we?


  •   The episode picks up a little over two minutes after the end of Season 2. Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) is making sure everyone has their story straight. She comes up with some bullshit about everyone going crazy after drinking Super Max. Liv (Rose McIver) comes up with a better story that implicates the Chaos Killer, which would end up getting Major (Robert Buckley) off the hook. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) worries about trying to cover this up with all the forensic evidence lying about. There’s cries of “fire in the hole” moments before a huge explosion occurs in the basement where the zombie outbreak nearly occurred. Vivian says they think of everything.
  •   Across town the cops are questioning Payton (Aly Michalka), Ravi (Rahul Kohli), and Blaine (David Anders) about the shoot out at Mr. Boss’ office. Peyton manages to work up a good story all the while Ravi and Blaine look rather uncomfortable about what may be going down within this possible lovers triangle.
  •   Liv, Major, Payton, Robbie, and Clive are back at the house for the first meeting of what’s going to become Team Zombie. Liv says they can’t have any secrets between, and that everything there is to know about zombies needs to be out in the open. Peyton has already been exposed to this world, but it’s still working a bit on Clive’s nerves.
  •   The next day Liv, Major, and Clive head to the offices of Fillmore Graves, the puntastic company that Vivian runs. Vivian is upfront about what FG stands for: they’re basically mercenary zombies preparing for D Day: Discovery Day. That’s when humans find out about the existence of zombies, and Vivian—as well as Major—believe the majority of people are going to completely lose their shit. Vivian’s zombie army will stand ready to protect the undead, and the company has actually bought an island in Elliott Bay which she’s developing so that zombies can live there in peace. All men, women, and yes, children. They see some of the kids attending school and one recognizes Clive, because at one time his family lived in the same apartment building. (It’s here we also see a few of the zombie motivational posters, like “Clip Your Nails: No Epic Fails” and a line that gets used on Liv a couple of times, “Tan and Dye: Don’t Be That Guy”.)
  •   Blaine still can’t remember shit, but Don E (Bryce Hodgson) ain’t buying. He thinks Blaine is faking because he’s working some kind of angle. He decides he’s had enough of Blaine and decides to leave. However, before going he discovers Angus (Robert Knepper), Blaine’s father, is down in the freezer. Guess who Don E decides to take home and defrost?
  •   Major is cleared of the Chaos Killings, but that doesn’t mean life is easy for him. His home gets trashed and he can’t find work. What’s a zombie to do?
  •   Vivian didn’t clean up all her loose ends. A security guard from the zombie party makes his way onto Chuck Burd’s (Aaron Douglas) show and talks about crazy people eating brains–and unfortunately for Clive and Liv, they show up at the radio station just in time to be identified. Even more unfortunate is while driving home listening to Chuck’s show and they hear the phrase that no one wants to hear: zombie apocalypse. Liv had about enough: the soldier brain that was keeping her together has pretty much worn off and she’s developing a massive amount of guilt over having to kill Drake. Clive decides it’s time to get her drunk and does so, later taking her back to the morgue and dumping on Ravi’s couch.
  •   Speaking of people losing their shit… Ravi is having a difficult time holding it together concerning Peyton and Blaine. He’s certain something’s happened and it’s tearing him apart: he even calls Peyton “his precious” at one point, causing Liv to wonder aloud if he intends on throwing her into Mt. Doom. Peyton seems somewhat torn up as well and tries to contact Ravi who, being a guy, refuses to answer the phone. So who does Peyton call then? Your choices are Door A, Door B, and Door C—and doors A and C have jack behind them.
  •   At the same time Liv is worried that someone is going to put two and two together and figure out that the party the other night involved zombies.  Ravi says she’s paranoid–which means it’s a good time to bring a body that was found in the trunk of a car near said party and have Ravi’s old boss, Dr. Katty Kupps (Christina Cox) from the CDC shows up to do the autopsy.  And what does she find during the autopsy?  Oh, not much: just a brain in the dude’s stomach.  Good thing Liv and Ravi just got called out to investigate a murder.
  •   Inside the murder house is a family of three.  A man and woman are dead, and Liv and Ravi discover cans of Max Rager in the man’s pockets and his scratching nails pulled.  Worst is yet to come as they approach the child’s room: it’s the one who knew Clive when they were at Fillmore Graves.  Clive comes out of the boys room and he’s ready to kick ass and say fuck the names.  These people were all killed because they were zombies, further reinforcing the truth that humans aren’t ready for D Day.
  •   Liv heads out to Fillmore Graves and tells Vivian about what happened. She waits until Liv leaves so that she can release her anger and frustration. Liv walks across the FG campus and spots Major working out with one of the zombie mercenary teams: as he had told Ravi, he finally found a job were no one cared who he was. Liv stands alone looking thunderstruck, likely wondering what everyone’s next move is going to be.

[Image via The CW]

Title Callout: usually there’s some sort of tieback to the title within the episode, and this one was very specific and continuing to play off the fact that Rob Thomas—no not that one, the other one—was killed at the end of Season 2. Let’s have the script, as taken from the iZombie Writers Room Twitter feed, explain:

Thank you, Carlos: you’re a gentleman and a scholar.


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