“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 to Premiere 4 June

[Image via AMC]

Because AMC believes I have nothing else to do this summer, Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead will premier on 4 June, 2017, with Episodes 1 and 2 being shown back-to-back.  That’s okay, ’cause I’m used to pressure and I can do this and Orphan Black at the same time as I finish up Sense8.  Bring it, Gimple!

Not much has been released concerning the fate of the characters after the various outcomes they encountered at the end of Season 2.  We know that Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is in the custody of some Minutemen-type on the US/Mexico border, that Nick (Frank Dillane) and Lucinda (Danay García) have been attacked by similar characters, that Strand (Colman Domingo) stayed behind at the hotel, and Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis), and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) are looking for Nick.  Oh, and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) is still dead.  Lucinda and Nick were shot and there are reports that Alicia will have something akin to a mild breakdown after having to kill someone in order to save Travis and her mother, though it could be she just misses being total bad ass Lexa on The 100.

Only three images from Season 3 have been released by AMC.  We have Madison and Travis at a depot possibly just over the border in the US, as a person in military garb with a machine gun is visible behind them.  Strand is back at the hotel likely wondering why he didn’t get the hell out, and Lucinda and Nick are hiding in the sewers, looking like they could use a whole lot of help.

See you two months!

[Image via AMC]

[Image via AMC]


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