“Humans”, Season 2, Episode 7, “The Silo”

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It’s penultimate episode time and that means a lot of things to do been coming together for the last three or four episodes have finally come to a head and need to be resolved. But, given that this is the penultimate episode, that means there are events happening here that will have consequences that need to be handled later.

And as we’ve seen on Humans in the past, those consequences can be a bit messy…

There were only three major things that happened, so let’s go over them in a bit more detail:


Item 1 — I Want a Body:

Karen (Ruth Bradley) is bonding with Sam, the synth child, which is causing Pete (Neil Maskell) to feel left out–so much so that he’s out of the apartment rather quickly to go “do something”. Karen wants to do something as well: she tells Sam that she’s going to go see a woman, a very smart woman, whom she hopes can help her. And who is she off to see?

She’s off to see Doctor Athena Morrow (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Karen has figured out that Athena is working on something rather important regarding conscious synths. She checks out her mathematical equations and sees that she was right: Athena is working on uploading human consciousness into a synth body and vice versa. She comes clean: she admits she was one of the original Elster synths, one based on Leo’s late mother. As she says, she’s tired of wearing a dead woman’s face and she wants a new life. In fact, she wants her mind uploaded into the body of a human—a real human, one whose body will allow her to feel everything, grow old, and eventually die. Realizing what she has, Athena agrees.


Item 2 — Stop My Daughter From Becoming a Synth:

At the Hawkins house things are starting to get a little out of control with Sophie (Pixie Davies). She’s deep into Synth Mode and doesn’t seem to want to come out. Speaking with Renie (Letitia Wright) isn’t helping the situation, either. In fact, it freaks out Renie so much she goes home rather upset. Toby (Theo Stevenson) becomes worried that Renee is going to harm herself, and he and Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) zoom over to her house and find her in the bathroom—coming out with a towel wrapped around her after taking a bath. Not too awkward, guys, good job. She’s fine and she’s put aside her synth personality for now, though it doesn’t do anything to break Sophie out of the belief that she would like to become a synth.


Item 2.5 — Gotta Find Niska:

A quick sidestep in the Hawkins drama has Laura (Katherine Parkinson) going to see Pete, as she made contact and asked him to look up the whereabouts of Astrid (Bella Dayne). She goes to see the German girl trying to find Niska (Emily Berrington). Astrid says she hasn’t seen Niska, but the moment Laura says that Mia may be in trouble Niska comes down from upstairs and conference Laura. She lets her know she’s not interested in what’s happening with conscious since anymore, that she has something with Astrid and she doesn’t want to lose that. Of course, that’s when the police show up to take Niska into custody, and both Astrid and Niska beat a hasty retreat.


Item 3 — Attack the Silo:

Now we get to the big event of the night: the Assault on the Silo.

Mia (Gemma Chan) has told Leo (Colin Morgan) and Hester (Sonya Cassidy) that Mattie (Lucy Carless) has the consciousness code and she could wake up all the synths. The only problem is, she doesn’t know where it sat. Hester lets everyone know that she could get Mattie to tell them, but Mia sees that this could lead to Hester killing her. After Mattie explains that waking up all the synths right now would likely have humans hating them even more than they do now, and Mia realizes that the longer Mattie stays with them, the greater the likelihood she will die. With that she sends her on her way and comes up with a much better plan to get into the Silo than the one Hester developed.


Item 3.5 — Mattie’s Road Trip:

And now we run into a bit of a side trip here. Mattie returns home and discovers Odi (Will Tudor) has left behind a “suicide note”. Unable to handle being fully conscious but unable to find any real purpose for himself, he’s basically done a factory reset on his mind and is now back to the way he was prior to being awakened by the consciousness code.

Realizing that Leo’s plan is total bolllocks Maddie seeks out Max (Ivanno Jeremiah), who has found more conscious synths and is creating a little society in secret. She tells him of Leo’s plan and says that she thinks people are going to die, and that Max is the only person who can help Leo see the truth. Max is very hesitant about getting involved, but in the end his love for Leo gets him to act.


Item 3 — Attack the Silo (Continued):

Mia’s plan for infiltrating the silo is simple: Hester and she are to pretend to be newly awakened synths and once they are inside Qualia, they make their way to the Silo, activate the synths, and lead them out through an exit that Leo will hack to open. And it actually works: they both are taken inside where they are checked out as well as having something installed in the back of their necks. At a predetermined time they wake up, disable a guard, and make their way to the Silo where they find dozens of synths.

Of course, Dr. Helen Aveling (Claudia Harrison) feels something is up when she discovers Mia missing, and knows something is up when she discovers a downed guard. She hits the alarm and sets off trying to find the missing synths.

Realizing they are in deep shit Mia and Hester hustle the synths to the exit, which Leo has opened. But instead of everyone walking out in triumph, Hester decides she’s going to go back and find Athena and kill her. Neither Mia or Leo see any sense in this, but Hester has slipped into Crazy Synth Mode and isn’t about to be stopped, so she boogies the hell out of there. Mia tells Leo to get the synths out while she goes and stops Hester.

While looking for Athena Hester runs across Dr. Aveling, whom she takes hostage. She finds Athena’s lab, but Karen and she are locked inside due to the alarm. Hester threatens to kill Dr. Aveling if she isn’t allowed in, but there’s nothing that Athena can do: V (Chloe Wicks) has yet to override security and unlocked the door.

Pete shows, as he has come to Qualia looking for Karen. He uses his training as a policeman to try and defuse the situation, telling Hester that he won’t allow anything bad to happen to her and she knows he’s telling the truth because aware synths are capable of detecting lies in humans. However, Hester is too far gone into Crazy Synth Land and when Pete tells her that everyone should do what feels right, she agrees completely—and jams a pen through Dr. Aveling neck, severing her carotid artery. When Pete tries to stop her, she takes the pen and runs it through into his chest, piercing his lung. With one human dead and another one dying, Hester calls it a day and runs off.

Finall V manages to unlock the door to the lab and Karen rushes to Pete. He tells her that he was there looking for her; she tells him that she was there trying to become human. He asked what she was going to do if she became human and she tells him the truth: she was going to return to him. During this conversation Karen actually begins to cry and Pete points this out as he brushes away her tears; she tells him that she had absolutely no idea she possessed that ability. A few moments later Pete dies and Karen feels true anguish for the first time. Mia shows up and witnesses what has happened: Athena tells them both that they need to leave before the police arrive, and they leave.

[Image via AMC]

Outside the Silo Leo is leading the synths to freedom. Wait a minute there, Rescue Boy, not so fast. The lockdown has activated an electronic device which not only disables the conscious synths but destroys them. Leo falls into shock as he realizes every synth who left the silo has now “died”–and it’s all due to his grand plan. He collapses in grief only to feel Max helping him to his feet a few moments later. Mia arrives with a few stragglers synths who had made it outside the Silo, and she realizes that the device put in her neck is there for a reason. Leo, Max, Mia, and the few synths that would work for me. T I don’t know much about Pittsburgh, I’ve just driven through their on my way back and forth from Harrisburg to Indiana. H I hope I’m not keeping you up–or putting you to sleep. E space space y managed to rescue wander off towards a waiting van as Hester emerges from the Silo and watches them leave.



Personal Note:

For the first time in this episode we have a character who’s been with us since beginning die. And as many suspected, it was Pete, who never really fit in to this new world. There was one thing he did enjoy, however, and that was loving Karen. He didn’t care that she wasn’t human: she was capable of emotion and he felt it.

But even though the conscious synths do feel emotion, it’s rare that if she ever shown themselves being too emotional. Anger, betrayal, and a bit a love, sure: but it was always in measured amounts. They never got a chance to show the over the top feelings that actual humans have.

With Pete’s death, Karen feels loss and grief for the first time, and does Ruth Bradley totally sell it. Karen is realizing for the first time that she’s more than special, and when the man she loves dies in front of her she loses her shit completely and goes right to one of the worst “ugly cries” I’ve ever seen a character do on TV. When people on television cry there’s usually a lot of heavy sobbing, but in real life we know when you are feeling real sorrow, you slip into ugly crying. And while I was watching Karen react in the only way she knew possible, I felt my own ugly cry coming on.

This is an ugly cry. [Image via AMC]

It’s little touches like this they bring out the true personality of characters we’ve come to know. After fifteen episodes of Humans, we finally know the truth: synths are capable of deep, passionate love. And when you take away that love, you also remove part of them they didn’t know existed.


The Cast:

Niska — Emily Berrington
Mia — Gemma Chan
Max — Ivanno Jeremiah
Hester — Sonya Cassidy
Leo — Colin Morgan

Laura Hawkins — Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins — Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins — Lucy Carless
Toby Hawkins — Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins — Pixie Davies

Detective Sergent Pete Drummond — Neil Maskell
Detective Inspector Karen Voss — Ruth Bradley

Dr. Athena Morrow — Carrie-Anne Moss

Astrid — Bella Dayne
Renie — Letitia Wright
Dr. Helen Aveling — Claudia Harrison
V — Chloe Wicks
Odi — Will Tudor


Humans airs in the US on AMC at 10 PM EDT.

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