“American Horror Story” Renewed for Not One, Not Two, but Three Seasons!



Someone’s excited!

Entertainment Weekly reported today that the FX Network not only reconfirmed that American Horror Story was renewed for Season 7, but that it was also being renewed for Seasons 8 and 9.  EW also confirmed that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have already signed for Season 7, because even if you do win an Emmy and you’re starting to develop a successful career in superhero movies, as long as someone’s going to pay you big bucks to phone in your part, how can you say no?

Ryan Murphy has said that Season 7 of AHS will revolve around a “modern-day story”, but that was all that he would say.  He’s been notorious the last few years for not giving out much information concerning the season’s concept, but after last season’s American Horror Story: Roanoke, or as I like to call it Ten Episodes of Taking the Piss, I can’t say that I’m all that excited to learn the concept–particularly since you know FX is going to remain completely silent on the matter until next June, at which point their hype machine is going to kick into full gear and we’ll be exposed to numerous stills showing all sorts of weird shit, but not really telling us that damn thing.  You know, sort of like like what they did with Roanoke?

RT: I watched the steaming pile of shit Episode 1 reveal for AHS: Roanoke unfold on Twitter. If they think holding onto a theme for the first episode is a good idea, they can guess again. It was mostly tweets asking WTF was going on. It was also a pretty even split between people thinking the theme was Roanoke and reality TV.

The monsters are all gone. #AHSRoanoke

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Of course, Season 7 rumours for American Horror Story started nearly instantly after Roanoke finished. Perhaps it was because speculating about Season 7 was so much better than watching Season 6. While I think its bullshit, this was posted to the American Horror Story Instagram account eight weeks ago.

Personally, I would like to imagine the theme is:The Ocean Is Where AHS Goes To Die. But, with the recent confirmation of two more seasons on top of Season 7, this theme seems unlikely.

CF:  AHS: We’re Gonna Rip-off FTWD, Bitches is up next.  There was that rumor going around that it would be on a boat, and it could be what they’ll do.

I would say that the only place AHS has to go is up, but there’s a part of me that fears Murphy and the rest of his writers are going to get a room, break out the booze and drugs, and then say, “We wrote ten hours of pure shit last season: can we do worse?  Who’s willing to take a shot?”

RT: This is my greatest fear. Will I be recapping regardless? Hell YEAH! It may have been pure hell to sit through 10 hours of Roanoke, but, sometimes you just have to rubberneck that train wreck 😉

CF:  I’ll be right there beside you–well, from the other side of the world, but you know what I mean–watching it, too, because two people ripping the show a new asshole is better than one.

The only thing we know for sure is that Rachel is probably going to start stocking up on wine now, because having to recap thirty more episodes of American Horror Story is likely to drive her right around the bend.

RT: I am buying that shit by the goonbag at the moment in anticipation!

Get ready for the motherfucking pain…


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