“Sense8” Wants to Wish You…

With a week to go before Netflix debuts the Sense8 Christmas Special, today they dropped the official trailer as a way of saying “Merry Christmas” to all the fans and followers–though Wolfgang has a greeting that is a bit more to my liking:

Instead of being one hour like the other episodes, A Christmas Special–which appears to be the title–is a two-hour episode, which when put with the ten episodes of Season 2 that debuts 5 May, 2017, gives us the same twelve hours of programming that we watched during Season 1.

For those who didn’t watch the trailer–and why are you reading this post if you not going to watch?–the cluster is back together, enjoying the holidays in their own ways, growing closer as a cluster, going through a few personal issues, still looking out for the bad guys–and, oh yeah, kicking some major ass.

There is also another video from Lana Wachowski, where she explaines why she wanted to do a Christmas episode for Sense8, and the influences behind her decision.  Oh, and #GoPink.

I can’t wait for next Friday and I am still debating getting up early in the morning do I can watch this before heading into work.  That way I’ll have it fresh in my head so I can do the recap after I return home!

Happy Holidays, Sensates!


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