Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 10, “Do Not Disturb”

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

If last night was Sunday, then this must be the recap for Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead. And here we learn about the Father and Son Walkabout and the really crappy service at the hotel Maddistrand and Kids found in the last episode—


You can check in, but you never check out…


It’s happy wedding reception time at a ballroom and it doesn’t take long to figure out it’s the same hotel seen in the last episode. Everyone’s having a good time: the bride and groom are having a good time, the guests are having a good time, everyone’s having a good time—except for Mrs. Stowe, who tells the hotel manager Elana Reyes (Karen Bethzabe) that they need to go, that all the talk of this illness going on is worrying, that she’s heard rumors that the border between Mexico and the U.S. will be closed and there’s no way in hell she wants to be stuck in Mexico should that happened. Elana tells Hector to get the vehicle ready as the guests are gonna leave. Right then and there Daddy Stowe, who was dancing with his daughter the bride, has a heart attack and dies. Elena can’t get a mobile signal and Hector can’t find a doctor, so scratch one off the guest list, then… oh wait! Daddy turns and gives his daughter one last kiss—which is to say he rips out a huge hunk of her cheek.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

So much for the honeymoon–   AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

As manager of the hotel Elena does what she feels is best for her guests: Hector and she beat a hasty retreat and she locks everyone’s ass inside the ballroom ’cause fuck this noise.

RT: I can’t believe she went all Father Gabriel on their arses! Only two needed to be dealt with, after all.

CF:  It does seem a little extreme, but then what was she gonna use for zombie killers on her end?  In that moment she figured that was the best deal.  And she probably didn’t want her cheek bit off, either.

RT: Good point. After all, it’s hard to say what anyone would do in a situation like that.

CF:  According to the haters of this show, you pull out all six pistols you’re carrying with you at all times and kill zombies.  😀

Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) are on the road, and Travis isn’t holding up too well.  His one foot is hurting—as is evident from his limp—and Chris isn’t really trying to help other than say I’ll walk slower.  They find a car and while Travis breaks into it with the intention of hot wiring it so they can drive out, Chris wants to check out a  nearby joint for food and water.  When he finally gets the go ahead he find a few bottles of water, a huge can frijoles and, oh yeah, voices, which means this shit belongs to someone else.  Chris gives no shits and loads up his backpack while noticing a couple of people—the owners of the place whom he recognizes from a picture—have both taken a single and recent bullet to the brain.  Right about then a few zombies bust in to spoil the party, and while he’s dispatching one some moronic white boy just wanders out of a back room like, “What the hell you doin’, dude?” and needs his ass saved by Chris.  Two other lame white boys come and are all dumbstruck and shit and Chris hoofs it out of there and gets back to the car just as Travis gets it going and bid a fine adios, muchachos!

RT: I actually thought the food and water was a trap. I expected him to get shot for touching it. Alas, that didn’t happen…

CF:  As we see our intrepid Bros don’t think that far ahead.  We would probably do that, but not these guys.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

They drive into the night and Travis is in pain, so eventually Chris gets behind the wheel because even at night it’s safe as there’s no one else on the highway.  I mean, what kind of idiot gets into a car wreck on an empty highway?

Don't answer that.

Don’t answer that.

Back at the hotel  Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is in her room alone and she’s flipping a sai—or as we know it better in the U.S., a butterfly knife—open and close while she waits in the dark and counts the zombies in the hallway.  First off, I don’t remember her picking up this knife though I could be mistaken, and second:  when the fuck did she learn to do open/close knife flips like she’s been doing them all her life?  I mean, yeah, I get it, when you’re alone in a hotel room all by yourself and zombies outside there’s not a hell of a lot to do so picking up mad knife skillz is totally doable, but damn.  I blame Jack.

RT: Maybe she is channeling Lexa? All I know is, from this point onwards, I’m okay that Alicia didn’t die already.

CF:  Bring on Aliexa!  I like this new her.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Travis’ foot ain’t looking any better and Chris knows how to keep from running into zombies in the road. Travis seems to think that the world is gonna come back one day, but Chris ain’t buying it. The car runs out of gas, so this looks like a good place to spend the night. They get a fire going and it’s time to break into the beans while Travis waxes on about how Chris and he used to go fishing and how Lisa hated it… He seems to think if they could find a lake in the mountains they could carve out a life. Chris? Not so much.

RT: If ever there were a parent and child who should part ways…

CF:  Oh, you know it’s coming.  In another part of the country Chris would fit right in with Negan.

And about that time another car shows up. It’s the dumb white boys that Chris ripped off, but they ain’t pissed: they just want to hang. As they say, if they wanted to kill the they would have done it already, so let’s eat. The leader is Brandon (Kelly Blatz), who you know is the biggest douche of this lot.

RT: This whole scene feels so sinister. It’s like the boys are just playing with their food before they kill them, well, Travis, at least. Chris would be perfect for this little psycho gang.

CF:  I had that feeling as well.  As we see later on they’re totally full of themselves as well, so it’s possible.

Alicia is ready to make a break for it and look for Ofelia, but she doesn’t get far before the zombies are after her, so she gets to the closest elevator, pries open the door with her bare hands, and leaps on to elevator cables.  After a few zombies take a tumble Lexa—I’m sorry, I mean Alicia climbs up and discovers an ax-wielding Elena waiting to help her on to the eight floor, where she braces her against the wall and wants to know where “he” is.

RT: As someone who has absolutely no upper arm strength, her cable climbing skills were amazing, and even more unlikely than the knife skills.

CF:  And she look as if she has any muscles worth a damn in her arms.  In the “Making Of” for this scene they did show that Alycia Debnam-Carey did about five percent of the work and the rest was done with a CGIed-out cable.  But yes:  Alicia must have done some quick weight training back at Casa Abigail.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Back at the Zombie Campout everyone is getting their fill of beans.  Brandon gives Travis and Chris their story:  they were camping out on the Sea of Cortez when the shit hit the fan and they’re trying to get home to San Diego.  Oh, so sorry that there’s nothing to go back to, bros.  They want to know where Chris got his zombie killing skills and Travis keeps trying to deflect the conversation when it come to wasting the undead.  When Travis is asked how many he’s killed he says he doesn’t count, but of course Chris knows exactly how many he’s wasted ‘cause he’s just a younger version of Brandon, more or less.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Alicia’s back in Elena’s room and she figures out, based upon all the “Do Not Disturb” on the table, that she’s the one closing off all the rooms.  Alicia gets the story about how she’s the manager, he has the keys to everywhere, and she closed off areas that were infected to protect the rest of the guests which, unfortunately, meant certain people had to die—like, you know, the people at the wedding reception.  Some of those people survived and managed to catch Hector—Elena’s nephew—and are holding them to get Elena’s key so they can control the hotel.  Alicia wants Elena to help her get to her mother and let’s her know they’ll get Hector and get safety in numbers—or die alone in their room.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Alicia and Elena institute Operation Zombie Roundup and do a hell of a lot better job with no experience than a certain guy from Georgia does with a year and a half experience. They get the zombies in a room and Elena locks them in—with Alicia, who was the bait to get them inside. She goes out on the balcony and with help from Elana and a strong sheet she makes the seven story ledge walk from one room to another. Now is the time to get Madison and Strand, but Elena hasn’t left the tower since every thing went to hell. She wants to know if Alicia’s mother would want her risking her life: Alicia says her mom would die to save her, so that’s a yes.

RT: Imagine if Alicia finally walks into Georgia? She would laugh and laugh and laugh if Rick told her their attempt at rounding up walkers. Something weird though, was the room Alicia and Elena in dark because the blinds were drawn or because it was nighttime? There was a definite nighttime feel to it, although I could be mistaken.

CF:  It felt like night when they were planing but it’s likely their waited until dawn to carry out their plan because unlike Rick they thought this shit through.  It could also be that Alicia waited until early morning to look for Ofelia.  It’s hard to say:  both Dead‘s tend to have strange time jumps.  When you see that they were looking at doing a ledge walk eight stories up, they wanted sunlight for that.

RT: Good points.

Elena’s seeing the reception area for the first time since lock down and she’s having a lot of not-so-good memories if the look on her face is any indication. This is where Alicia hears the story while Elena lets out a little of her grief. Alicia lets her know she’s seen and done worse and she won’t let the survivors touch her.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Back on the road Travis is riding in the back of the pickup while Chris is in the cab with Brandon, who we see is sporting a man bun and should be put to death right then and there. One of the bros riding in the back with Travis points out that it looks like he’s not having fun and that’s an affirmative. The bro doing the chatting is like, dude, the end times made us gods. Travis remains unimpressed because he knows this bro is full of shit.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

They find a farm and learn it’s abandoned. There’s nothing in the house but there’s a barn which could have zombies. Travis doesn’t want Chris to check out the barn and tries to convince him that this could be a good place to stay for a while but Chris has turned from Moody Pain in the Ass Teen to Budding Bro Teen and wants to hang with his buds. They check out the barn and—chickens! Protein, bro! (An actual line from this scene. I so want these guys to die ugly.)

RT: Is Season 2 ALWAYS going to be about farming?

CF:  At least there weren’t walkers in the barn.  😉

RT: I really thought there would be. I expected the walkers to come out from behind the hay bales with all the excitement of protein and human scent.

CF:  At least they are being true to the area and not showing massive herds everywhere.  And in the resort areas most everyone likely stayed inside.

Travis finds a wheelbarrow. A shovel. And three graves. Fresh graves. He knows things aren’t what they appear…

Alicia and Elena get to the bar and find the area full of dead behind locked and barricaded doors. She wants to go in and look for Madison but it’s too dangerous–beside, right then the last of the survivors from the Reception From Hell show up with them about to slit Hector’s throat. They want the keys for Hector. Alicia says no, not until I find my mom. Elena says if mom isn’t with these people they’re dead.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

I guess you’d call this a Mexican Standoff… AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

They want the keys but Alicia knows when that happens they’ll be forced into the streets and die.  The Former Mrs. Stowe doesn’t care and wants to see Elena dead.  Right then Alicia’s like, “Give them the keys,” and steps back as Elena tosses the keys on the floor while taking Hector.  As the former guests go for the keys Alicia unlocks the door to the Zombie Bar and turns the herd loose on these losers while they hide behind the doors.  If Alicia gives any fucks about what she did, they were too small to measure.

RT: Can I say it again? I think I love Alicia.

CF:  When she lowered her voice and said, “Give them the keys,” you knew shit was about to get real.  I really did love her in this episode and I think it’s possible that the two days they spent looking for Nick and Travis hardened her up to the fact that if she didn’t get tough, she’d die.  I think it’s safe to say if Chris comes back and she catches him watching her in the dark, she’ll shank his ass.

RT: Oh, god, please let Alicia shank Chris.

CF:  We should write that episode.  It would be the best.  And shall I say it?  Alicia is getting an excellent bitch stare down cold.  Yaaasssss, bitch!

RT: Haha! Maybe we need to do that at some point, a mock episode blog post of Fear the Walking Dead. It would be epic!

CF:  We should!  That would be so much fun!

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Travis tells the others about the graves and thinks whomever lived here is still there.  And he is, bursting in with a rifle and telling everyone in Spanish to get the hell off his land.  Even if you don’t know the language it’s easy enough to figure out, but the bros don’t want to leave.  Travis tries to deescalate the situation:  guns are out and no one’s backing down.  The farmer shoots one of the bros in the leg and Travis tries not to get anyone to shoot back—which is when Chris blows the farmer away…

RT: Do you think Travis has worked out yet he will probably have to put his son down at some stage?

CF:  There’s a scene in the trailer were you see Chris ride off in the back of the truck with Travis left behind, so it looks like they go their separate ways.  But I think it’s likely that Travis is gonna have to park one in Chris’ brain one of these days, and he knows it.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

Alicia, Elena, and Hector make a break for it and head into one of the passages under the hotel.  With zombies hot on their tail they hurry through but find a locked door at the end—and they have no keys.  It looks bad for our three amigos when at that moment the door opens and—it’s Madison!  And Strand!  They’re alive and apparently scared straight sober—

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb


It would appear that Chris has gone to The Bro Side and Madison and Strand have a hell of a story to tell about their great escape. Also, I’m really loving the all-new Action Alicia and I’m happy to say that my predictions that she was going to do a lot of stupid shit and get killed appears to be wrong, but I don’t mind that I was wrong.

RT: Just a couple of thoughts. Can Travis ditch Chris and go home already? And, if Madison is okay, why did she have that look like she was bitten and didn’t know how to tell anyone yet? Overall, this was not my fave episode, only because the bits with Travis and Chris were annoying. Honestly, I am just not invested in them. Unless Travis dumps Chris and Chris turns into the Governor, I’m pretty sure I am done with these characters. However, the hotel scenes were awesome. I could watch inventive Alicia all day long.

CF:  Travis has to come to a realization that Chris is a lost cause and head back for the boat:  the writing makes it way too obvious that Chris wants to have fun killing zombies and being a bro god, and he simply doesn’t have time for family bullshit.  I didn’t even think that Madison may have been bit–or maybe she’s come down off that massive tequila buzz she had going and she’s suffering from that.  I guess now we wait until next week to find out if we add another angisty teen to the I Had To Put Down My Mom list.

As always, leave a comment and let us know what you think!



Travis Manawa — Cliff Curtis
Christopher Manawa — Lorenzo James Henrie

Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey

Elena Reyes — Karen Bethzabe

Brandon — Kelly Blatz

Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Victor Strand — Colman Domingo


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