Stranger Things, Season 1, Chapter 4, “The Body”

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 The Body Shepard prepares to enter the monster

[Image via Netflix]

Welcome to the recap of Episode 4 (entitled “The Body”) of Season 1 of Stranger Things. So I totally had a brain fart last week and forgot to post two recaps of Stranger Things. Have no fear this week though as I have already recapped both episodes for this week 😉 Here’s what went down in Episode 4.

Episode 4 of Stranger Things opens with Joyce (Winona Ryder) being told about Will’s (Noah Schnapp) body being found at the quarry. Joyce, though, has reached nearly full capacity crazy and is telling Hopper (David Harbour) she just spoke to Will half an hour ago. She also explains the long-handed monster to him. Hopper tries to sympathise with her, after all, he lost a child too. Joyce realises it is a lost cause, Hooper just won’t listen, so agrees to get some sleep. Once he goes, she gets an axe and waits.

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 The Body Joyce with an axe

Because holding an axe in a deserted hotel is so 1980… [Image via Netflix]

The Goonies are all dealing with Will’s death in their own way. Mike’s (Finn Wolfhard) parents are doing their best at being 80’s parents by waiting to see what happens. As for Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), do they even have parents?

The reason the boys are being so lackadaisical about it all is because they don’t believe Will is really dead. Yes, they have joined Team Crazy Joyce thanks to hearing Will over the radio at school (blowing it up in the process). But this is not before the boys have to attend the school assembly about Will. While they roll their eyes about Will not really being dead, they also catch the attention of the resident bullies. After they pick shit about Will, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) makes one of them piss their pants. In front of the whole school. This won’t ever come back to bite them on the arse at all…

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 The Body Troy when he peed himself

You know when you dream you do something embarrassing in public? Yeah, Troy, you’re actually awake… [Image via Netflix]

Speaking of Eleven, she is flashing back pretty hardcore in Episode 4 of Stranger Things. From these flashbacks we find out she can do some pretty neat things using only the power of her mind. She is also the basic equivalent of a human radio, and when she tunes in, everyone around her can hear what is being said as well. As a result of Eleven picking up on Will’s signal, the boys get to hear Will contacting his mother via her. Will lets his mother (and, by extension, Eleven and the boys) know that he is in a place like home but it is dark and cold. Joyce tells him to run and hide, she will find him. She then proceeds to chop into the wall with an axe. Pink, oozy stuff is revealed… and then the outside of her house. Yep, catching this fucker and freeing Will is going to be a lot harder than she first thought.

As for Mike’s sister, Nancy (Natalia Dyer), it’s a tough episode for her. Everyone is all “Nancy had sex” rather than “Where the fuck is Barb” and she is not impressed. But she does discover Jonathan ( Charlie Heaton) is not as creepy as she first thought thanks to her piecing together one of his torn photos and finding an image of the monster that took Barb (Shannon Purser). She then reveals the fact she saw the monster when she revisited Steve’s (Joe Keery) house and Jonathan reveals his mother saw the same thing. And so begins the “everyone knows something weird is going on but no one knows everyone else knows” segment of this series.

Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 The Body Hopper and random guy

“I’m just a random guy so of course I’m going to lie to you about the shit I know…” [Image via Netflix]

But, wait, if Will is still alive (or is he really just a ghost like Dustin suggested?), whose body is in the morgue? Good thing you asked because Hopper is all over that shit and pretending like his daughter is still alive in order to fish information out of a random guy (Ron Roggé) who just so happens to have found the “body” of Will. Turns out this guy is bullshitting about what he knows and so begins the “Hopper punches everyone in order to get information” segment of Episode 4 of Stranger Things. Once he gets a little information out of this guy he punches moves onto the random guy at the morgue. And it is at this point that we discover the body found at the quarry was just a dummy. And boy am I pissed because I suffered through thinking Will was dead and now he’s not, but I’m happy he’s not because that means he’s alive and Team Crazy aren’t actually that crazy, but, hey, Netflix, you totally made me cry in Episode 3

Episode 4 of Stranger Things ends with Hopper turning up at the not-secret secret lab with a pair of bolt cutters. Shit is about to get real.

80’s Rip-Off-O-Meter

Each week I will post all the times I saw a reference to an 80’s movie. I am sure I have missed a pile of them though, so feel free to let me know if you spot any others!

  • Once again, E.T. is referenced pretty heavily. This time is when the boys dress Eleven up as a “real girl.” They even put her in the same blonde wig E.T. donned in his movie.
Netflix's Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 4 Eleven vs E.T.

[Image via Netflix/Amblin Entertainment/Telegraph]

  • The title of Episode 4 of Stranger Things is “The Body.” This is also the title of the novella by Stephen King that would be turned into the classic movie, Stand By Me. This whole episode hinges on the discovery of a body, much like the plot for Stand By Me.
  • As I suggested in the image of Joyce with the axe, she seems to be channeling Jack Torrance from The Shining.
  • Eleven’s flashbacks are very similar to the movie Firestarter.
  • Besides Eleven’s flashbacks, we also get some extra flashbacks that involve a blobby wall monster in the not-secret secret lab. A guy is suited up and attached to a heavy wire cable before entering the monster. Needless to say, this does not end well and the cable is returned, bloody and minus the guy. This monster bears a strong resemblance to the “disturbingly fleshy tunnel” from Poltergeist according to Geek. Speaking of Poltergeist, Joyce talking to Will through the walls is very similar to the scene in Poltergeist where Carol Anne was stuck in the TV and calling out to her mother.
  • There is also a nod to another 80’s book of Stephen King, The Mist, with the monster also resembling the creature in that book.
  • The name of the random guy Hopper who found Will’s body? State Trooper O’Bannon, possibly a nod to the screenwriter who wrote Alien, Dan O’Bannon.
  • The bully peeing his pants is totally from The Monster Squad.

What did you think of the Episode 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image via Netflix]


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  2. “The Body” is also the name of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode about the aftermath of Buffy’s moms death. Buffy’s mom is also named Joyce. There are more Buffy references too, such as when Nancy and Jonathan gear up to face the monster.

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