Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 10, “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”

OB S4 E10 Rachel and Susan

So here we are, Sestras and Brother Sestras:  it’s the last episode of Season 4 for Orphan Black, and the title of this episode reflects what happens just fine.  So let’s get started.


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


Dyad Parking garage.  There walks Delphine (Evelyne Broch), and there’s Krystal, hiding behind a car.  Delphine turned and faces Duko, who shoots here in the stomach.  But before he can finish her with a shot to the head, Krystal’s phone goes off and distracts Duko.  He goes to investigate—at which point he hears a vehicle and looks.  Krystal goes to check on Delphine—

"Like, oh mah gawd, if I'd known you were going to be shot I'd have given you a discount on that manicure!"

“Like, oh mah gawd, if I’d known you were going to be shot I’d have given you a discount on that manicure!”


—but right then a black van roars up and Dr. Van Lier (Scott Wentworth) gets out and mentions Krystal by name, which freaks her out and makes her run off.  Van Lier and another guy hustle Delphine into the van, and we see her being attended to, behind healed—being watched by the strange man in Rachel’s visions as she recuperates.

Cosima and Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore) are going over the results of their work, and Cosima is giving her the good news: they have a viable blastocyst with stable gene sequences, and that means they have replicated the original genome. And this also means they have a cure. Cosima gets on her laptop to tell Sarah and Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) the good news, and there are happy faces all around: even Kira (Skyler Wexler) is smiling.

RT: OMGs! I was jumping up and down doing the happy dance when this happened.

CF:  Unfortunately this is always a great sign we’re about to be fucked.

RT: Exactly 😦

And then this shit happens:

Take it from a computer person, this isn't a good sign.

Take it from a computer person, this isn’t a good sign.


Cosima’s locked out of Susan’s data base, and as she tries to log back in her laptop screen freezes because she’s lost her wifi signal.  Needless to say there’s a huge “what the fuck?” moment happening with Sarah and Mrs. S—

RT: Yeah. Not happy with this. I think I nearly actually cried 😦

CF:  When I watched this the first time I was zipping back and forth through emotional states like crazy.  It was almost too much to watch.

RT: This is how I was too.

Speaking of fuck ups, Evie Cho’s (Jessalyn Wanlim) on the news trying to explain what she really meant by “euthanized babies”, and this is being observed by Krystal and her BFF from the nail salon over mimosas.  And then—Oh Mah Gawd, that’s him!  It’s Dr. Van Lier, and Krystal remembers him.  So cut to Felix (Jordan Gavaris) in bed being awoken by a call on the Clone Phone, and it’s Krystal with intel on the French Doctor, and since she’s tried of like being yanked by her brain—or maybe chain—she won’t give up the info unless someone tells her what is going on.

Rachel is also watching the news, but she’s in her hotel room having a Continental breakfast while Ira (Ari Millen) informs her than he’s going to get everything ready for their return to the island.  Sarah calls, and she’s pissed: they hear there’s a cure, Cosima goes dark, what the fuck is happening?  Rachel tries to bullshit her way through but Sarah isn’t buying it.  Felix walks in with news but Sarah keeps blowing him off while staying pissy at Rachel.  Sarah and Mrs. S are also watching the news and want to know who Van Lier is, and based upon Rachel’s answers Siobhan knows he’s a bloody Neo.  Fee’s had enough and hangs up the gives the news:  Krystal has dirt on Van Lier, but she wants to know what’s going on.  Sarah wonders what’s up, and Mrs. S goes worst case scenario:  there are two competing factors of Neolutionists with different technologies striving for power.  Sarah makes the decision—

RT: It’s at this point I really started wishing that pencil had worked more effectively on Rachel…

CF:  A lot of people were probably wishing it had blown through the back of her skull.

Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) is looking through the Big Book of Neolution Bullshit by P.T. Westmoreland when Cosima shows up and sit down next to her.  She’s got her laptop and she still can’t get a signal—have you tried resetting the router?  Cosmia mentions the cell replication and Charlotte asks if they’re going to get better.  Oh, kid, we’re going to get so much better.  Except—

"Don't worry, Charlotte: 'tis but a flesh wound."

“Don’t worry, Charlotte: ’tis but a flesh wound.”


Cosima tells The Littlest Sestra that she’s okay, but her face is saying something completely different.

Rachel is finishing getting her makeup on when there’s a knock at the door.  Room service, courtesy of Ferdinand (James Frain).  She’s already eaten:  he wants to know if she’s been serviced.  Bow, chicka chicka, wow.

Evie sits before a group of people in a dark, secure area, and she’s explaining what went wrong with her fuck up that exposed Bright Born.  The company will recover, but the mood in the room isn’t good as there is mention that “the agenda” has been set back years.  Evie is tap dancing, and the board isn’t buying it.  A collection of documents is set before her:  The Board wants her out and they want her to sign over her technology.  She tossed the documents back:  it’s not her fault!  She starts in on Susan and her clones and Van Lier steps up and pressed a device against her cheek with the bot inside.  The bot goes into killing mode and The Board leaves her with Van Lier.  He comforts her as she probably wishes she’s stuck with the shingles.

RT: *fist pump* Die Evil Cho, die!

CF:  Probably the most satisfying moment of the episode, even if it was simply a glimmer of hopefulness The Hive (the Orphan Black writing team) dangled before the Clone Club.

"Think of this as a golden parachute that's been packed badly."

“Think of this as a golden parachute that’s been packed badly.”


Out in Beaver Tail National Park Helena is on the phone with Mrs. S asking if she should kill Evie. Siobhan doesn’t think she’s a problem and says she should stay put. Then Donnie (Kristian Bruun) speaks up because Alison and he are hiding out. Allie wants to come home; Helena remakes that she has “the shit”, and since she’s not in the yurt she’s probably out in the woods doing the shit.

RT: Why did no one let Helena deal with Evil Cho???

CF:  Probably because she would have tried burning down Bright Born, and no one wants to risk her babies right now.

RT: Good point.

CF:  Once Helena has these kids people better step the fuck back.

There's fan fiction galor for the taking in this one shot--

There’s fan fiction galore for the taking in this one shot–


Helena wants to help: Mrs. S tells her to stand down until they know who they’re fighting. Reluctantly Helena does so, but you know the Killer Angel . . .

CF:  It should be noted that this is the first finale where Alison doesn’t appear.  Because of the way the episode was written there wasn’t much for Alison and Donnie to do, and the one scene they filmed together caused the episode to run over, so it was cut.  It showed both Alison and Donnie speaking to Sarah, and Allison admitted that Helena has saved them, so she was welcome at their home as long as she liked—while waving a pistol around much like she did when we met her in the first episode.  It was shown as an extended scene during the initial broadcast.

Watch out, Donnie. You know the reputation House Hendrix has for accidental mayhem.

Watch out, Donnie. You know the reputation House Hendrix has for accidental manslaughter.


Yep, just like this.

It’s known everywhere.

CF:  And I just realized this photo manip is from the time Sofie Turner was on the Iron Throne.  Did someone let the dogs out?

Rachel is uptight about Susan going dark, so Ferdinand sees this as a sign to get down and freaky.  Rachel’s not in the mood:  her infirmities have left her “not feeling much of anything anymore.”  Ferdinand doesn’t know how to take this, so he does what any guy in this position does:  he makes it all about him.  He say that her self pity is repugnant and she slaps him for that remark—and it’s B&D Go Time!  She goes full-on dominatrix and gets him on his knees and whacks him in the balls with her cane just to show she means business.

Krystal shows up at Rabbit Hole Comics, gives Scott (Josh Vokey) and  Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) the eye, then head right over to Felix, who is already there looking at comics.  He wants to know the intel:  she won’t give it up.  Felix doesn’t want her to know too much, but she won’t have it.  They get buzzed downstairs, and Felix warns her what’s about to happen could be a shock, which she doubts.  She meets Art (Kevin Hanchard), and she meets Sarah—her clone.  Like clones?  Krystal ain’t buying it:  I mean, this bitch looks nothing like me.

"Like, her roots have roots! Totally not me!"

“Like, her roots have roots! Totally not me!”


Krystal tries to convince Felix her tits are bigger than Sarah’s and that her hair is a mess—Felix agrees on the last—then she goes into info dump mode and becomes the center of attention.  What she knows is there are two factions going at each other:  Estée Lauder and a Swedish company, Neolution, both cosmetic powerhouses.  Dr. Van Lier is Neolution and had lots of medical gear when he showed up, and he took The French Doctor away.  He was also pissed she was there.  Art thanks her and says she can help them—

RT: I want to live in Krystal’s world where the worst thing happening is a kidnapped cosmetologist.

CF:  The play that Tatiana set up between Krystal and Sarah was perfect.  And you do have to wonder if Krystal is only acting the fool right now . . .

RT: Yeah, I have wondered this a few time as well.

CF:  Gotta wait a year now to find out if it’s real or fantasy.

Back in Mistress Rachel’s House of Pain she’s going on about the Neolution factions, and when Ferdinand opens his mouth—from his position tied to the bed—he gets another whack in the balls.  Rachel is going all out domme on his ass—

CF:  Note here, but the production team mentioned later that Tatiana came down with a cold near the end of the episode shoot, and she was at her sickest when she was shooting Rachel’s domme scenes.  Most of us are huddled in our jammies and drinking hot tea, but Tatiana’s in her black silky knickers getting kinky for the camera.

RT: Oh, the poor thing 😦 I wonder if they had to photoshop out all the goosebumps?

CF:  They mentioned that a LOT of makeup was used to make her look well.

Who's a naughty clone?

Who’s a naughty clone?


She’s telling him about taking over the Neos and he says she sounds like a true believer. Rachel tells him that controlling the Neolutionists is the ultimate power as she starts to choke him with her cane . . .

And then in walks Ira looking perplexed. After Rachel tells him that Ferdinand is just a toy, Ira delivers the line of the night:

OB S4 E10 Ira

Poor Ira. He lets her know that Susan’s about to call—


RT: It was this line that finally made me like Ira. Face it, we have all had that moment where you’ve walked in on someone and say the stupidest thing ever before the brain to mouth filter kicks in.

CF:  I felt the same way.  You finally get the sense that he’s way in over his head with Rachel, and without Susan he’s pretty much the proverbial lost puppy who just needs a little pat on the head to set him right.  You know he’s gonna help the Sestras after this.

A call that Cosima overhears. Susan’s excited: the cells they’ve developed are as good as the originals and that means they can restart human cloning. Of course Cosima isn’t happy about that, and she hears that The Board is being reconvened and that Evie has been “retired”. Cosima confronts Susan after she hangs up and says that she’s all about the cloning and doesn’t really care about finding a cure. Susan is like, sure, I want to cure you, but we gotta look ahead and move on. She locks Cosima in the room they were in and leaves her so she doesn’t do anything bad in the lab.

RT: It is at this point, I wanted a whole heap of people to die, starting with Susan.

CF:  You pretty much saw this coming when they restarted the cloning process.  She’s hell-bent on making more Ledas.

Rachel’s getting ready and Ira mentions about needing to get his suit pressed for the meeting tomorrow.  She says he won’t need it as Ferdinand leads him off.  She calls Van Lier—

Speaking of Van Lier he’s accosted by the press as he leaves Bright Born, and they have questions about Evie and what happened.  Krystal shows up—I’m sorry, I mean “TMZ”—and wants to know if he’s a Neolutionist and if he has a comment on the attempted murder of Dr Delphine Cormier.  That’s it:  no more questions!  He and Krystal have words, and she tells him to met her around the corner of the building—where Mrs. S is waiting with a pistol to stick in his back.  Surprise!  It’s really Sarah under that blond wig while Krystal is back at the Rabbit Hole playing games.

RT: Seriously, Krystal is hilarious. Sarah playing Krystal is even funnier!

CF:  I caught the little hint of Sarah’s accent in Krystal’s “OMG!” voice, and that was just the tip off needed to know this was a set up.  But you do gotta love how when Tatiana plays one clone playing the other.  And I hope Krsytal catches on that Sarah being he size in EVERYTHING isn’t a coincidence.

They want to know what happened to Delphine.  He says he passed her along.  Mrs. S wants to know why he’d do that when Evie had her shot, and he explains he was following orders, and he wasn’t getting them from Evie.  He tells them that they’ve won, Susan can start cloning again, and that Rachel is really the problem—and she’s reconvened the board to meet today.

Meet the new Head Bitch, worst than the old Head Bitch.

Meet the new Head Bitch, worst than the old Head Bitch.


Which she is doing right away. And tells them human cloning is back on the table.

Felix and Art go to find Rachel, and find Ira tied up instead.

Rachel is talking about what Susan has done, and she’s not her mother. She wants to see genetic progress in her life time. She wants to produce lots of clones and go for the best of both worlds by implanting them with Evie’s tech, which would mean getting bots. Rachel wants to start cloning in countries where it’s allowed, and fuck all this noise about them having freedom—we’ll do as we damn well please with them!

Ira’s hanging with Art and Felix at the Fee Pad. Sarah shows up and of course she’s pissed. She tells him she knows where Rachel is going: she’s on a helo heading back to the island. Rachel wants to control everything, and Sarah wants to help. Sarah wants to go there and help Susan.

Cosima is trying to get out of the room and finds some of Charlotte’s art work, including a map of the island.

Sarah is heading up to help Cosima and get the cure: she doesn’t want to see he sisters die. Mrs. S is going to watch Kira and Ira, who is being kept at home. Kira understands, and she knows of all the sestras no one knows about.

RT: You were saying the other week that Kira is creepy. Boy, oh boy, is that child creepy!

CF:  Why do I think part of next season is going to be using Kira somehow to find the other sestras and go after Bright Born with the Leda Clone Army?  And Kira’s creepiness went way up with this episode.

RT: Excellent theory!

No one meets Rachel when she arrives home and it doesn’t put her in a good mood. She runs into the man who she’s seen in her visions: he tells her that Susan is in the kitchen and do not waver. When she finds Susan Mummy is not happy; she can’t believe what Rachel had done. She say Rachel is own and that they’ll never accept her; she’s more of the option that she’ll find to overturn the anti-cloning laws, and who better to be the first face of human cloning than her? Susan feels betrayed, and she’s betraying he sisters.

Cosima’s still locked in the room wondering how she’ll get out.  Maybe a little girl will let he out?  Charlotte opens the door and says that Rachel is back, she’s angry, and they have to get to the boat like the one in her painting.  Cosima asks about the other people on the island, but Charlotte says they can’t go there.  Before they leave there’s something Cosima must do—

The mother/daughter argument continues. Rachel was meant to succeed Susan; the older woman is sorry she left Rachel, and gives the impression that it wasn’t her idea to raise her as a Neolutionist. Rachel knows she has the upper hand and wants the cell line. Cosima and Charlotte show up and listen. Susan lowers the boom: she’s taken so much joy from the other sisters like Sarah and Cosima, and she regrets making her—which is what you don’t want to say to a clone with both daddy and mommy issues. So what does she do?

First she glitches out on seeing the swan decapitated, then she grabs a knife and jabs it into Mummy.

OB S4 E10 Susan and Rachel

Needless to say Cosima and Charlotte book and fast. They make their way along the shore with Cosima coughing and Charlotte not sure where they are.

Sarah arrives at the island and heads for the house as night falls.

Cosima and Charlotte are lost.  They hunker down against a tree and Cosima says not to fall asleep.

Sarah enters the house at the kitchen and finds a trail of blood.  She follows it downstairs and find Susan bleeding out in the lab trying to stitch herself up.  Sarah sets aside her pistol to help and doesn’t see the knife that was in Susan.  Sarah’s told that Rachel’s gone mad but that she sent Cosima and Charlotte to a boat.  Oh, and Rachel has the cure.  Sarah wants to know if Cosima was treated—but it looks like she’ll need treatment of her own as Rachel attacks with her cane.  She beats Sarah to the floor, then sticks nearly the entire kitchen knife blade into her leg.

OB S4 E10 Sarah and Rachel

Rachel wants to kill Sarah.  She tries to talk sense into Rachel, but she’s gone full-on psycho bitch and tortures her a little before Susan pulls down on her with Sarah’s pistol.  She’s unable to shoot, but it gives Sarah enough time to get the knife out of her leg and make a quick limp for it before Rachel takes the pistol and begins shooting.  Sarah makes it out of the house and into the cold of the island.

CF:  During this entire fight I was literally on the edge of the chair.  It was truly suspenseful, and just the sort of thing you would expect with two people who aren’t experienced fighters.

Cosima and Charlotte are asleep but discovered.  They are led back to a small encampment of people and—well, let the pictures do the talking:

"This place doesn't look too bad--"

“This place doesn’t look too bad–”

"Hey, don't I know her?"

“Hey, don’t I know her?”

"Attendez? Est-ce? Il est mon Cosima!"

“Quelle? Est-ce? Il est mon Cosima!”

Cophine are once more.

Cophine is once more.


Cosima is suffering from hypothermia, and Delphine and others are trying to get her warm. She doesn’t seem to believe what she’s seeing. Delphine tells everyone to leave then strips down to her underwear so she can crawl in under the blankets to give Cosima some body heat. Cosima thinks she’s dying; Delphine tells her that she won’t let her. Cosima tells her she finished her homework—created the new cell lines and maybe found the cure—and Delphine embraces her warmly.

OB S4 E10 Cophine Embrace

Susan is tied up in Rachel’s old wheelchair as the later takes the cell line and talks about what she’s seen. Susan knows who made the eye, and says he’s ready to move beyond natural selection. Rachel wants to know who made her eye, and Susan tells her: The Man Behind the Curtain, the one who wrote the book over a century before. Rachel says that’s impossible: not for him, Susan counters. Rachel leaves her mother in the room.

Cosima wakes as Delphine and the old man we’ve seen talk about what happened. Someone isn’t happy, and someone won’t allow Cosima and Delphine to remain together, but right now she has a patient to look after. Cosima tells her she found the cure: Delphine is happy, but tells her to keep it to herself.

Sarah limps along the shoreline of the island and calls home. She needs help. Mrs. S picks up, but Ferdinand is there. Everyone is fine.

Rachel cleans up, pours a glass of wine, and contacts The Board. She has the cure. She’s told Mr. Westmorland will see her now. She opens the book to the page of Leda and the Swan. The doorbell rings. Rachel is ready to receive guests.

Mr. Westmoreland? The Psycho Bitch is ready for her closeup.

Mr. Westmoreland? The Psycho Bitch is ready for her closeup.


CF:  And, I should point out, this is really the first time we’ve seen Rachel looking happy.  Which should scare the fuck out of everyone.

And that is it!  Season 4 of Orphan Black is history, and we are left with at least three cliffhangers as we go into Season 5–which we learned just hours before the broadcast of the finale will be the last.  So we have all year to wait and wonder what the last ten episodes have in store for our Leda sestras, and just like this year I will be back to tell their tales.

It’s been a pleasure to recap one of my favorite shows for you, and while I am tempted to take a few weeks off for the summer . . . let’s just say I have something planned for real soon, and I’ll make an announcement on that matter in a few days.

RT: Once again, thank you so much for these recaps Cassidy! I love Orphan Black but it is always so much more insightful reading your recaps as you know infinitely more about the clone universe than I do! I can’t wait to see what you have coming up 😉

CF:  Oh, I think we should say something about that tomorrow, 21 June.  😉

RT: Can’t wait! 😀

Thank you for following along, and, as always, tell us what you think in the comments below!



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