Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 7, “The Antisocialism of Sex”

OB S2 E7 Rachel Searching

We come to the end of a major three-episode arc of Orphan Black.  Things are looking bleak, and before it’s over more than once person is going to find themselves at the brink.


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


Crutches:  it’s Rachel.  She’s out of her room.  Her fake eye looks normal.  Unable to walk far, she’s back in the wheelchair for a good look around.  Down the hall she finds stairs.  She calls up to someone but doesn’t get a reply.  It’s a really long flight, but she manages to get up them with the use of her crutches.  It’s light up here, and she finally gets her first look of the outside:  all cold rock and snow.  The house looks modern:  all white and minimal.  She comes across a book with the title of his episode across the cover.  Inside she finds a picture:  Leda and the swan, kissing.  A voice tells her it’s over.  It’s Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore), getting into the wine.  Rachel wants to know where they are.  Susan says it’s the edge of the known world:  the Island of Doctor Moreau.  Rachel wants to know why she was let out:  Susan says the original is gone and so is the cure.  The woman is surely not herself.

Back in the normal world we’re with Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy), and the sadness is simply dripping off her.  Sarah’s in Kira’s (Skyler Wexler) room, also sad.  Sarah comes out and starts to talk with her foster mother, but Mrs. S tells her to be quiet and goes into her rant:  she doesn’t have a mother any more, and it’s all because of Sarah’s bullshit.  Mrs. S says Sarah came to her an orphan, and that’s all she’ll ever be.  After this burn Sarah just wants to get the fuck out of there, and she starts for Kira’s room.  Mrs. S gets up in her face and says there’s no way you’re leaving with Kira.  Sarah’s like fuck it, I’m gone, and leaves.

RT: I just hate all the pain here 😦

CF:  After last week this week was gonna be a downer of major proportions.  I don’t think Team Leda has ever been this hurt.

Cosima is in seclusion, running Kendall’s death over in her mind and crying.  Scott (Josh Vokey) comes in to talk, but she’s not listening.  She says she knows she was kept alive to tell everyone what happened, and Cosima is blaming herself for everything ‘cause she was the one who pushed for the deal.  Scott is going to power up the systems, to see if there’s something there that wasn’t destroyed.

RT: *crosses fingers and prays to every known entity*

Alison’s making an arrangement for Mrs. S, but the moment she starts writing out the note she loses her shit and falls to the floor.  She starts praying, asking for a miracle.  Donnie (Kristian Bruun) comes in to comfort and tells her to take time for her sisters.  He also wants to cancel Gemma’s slumber party, but Alison won’t hear of it:  there’s hot dogs in the fridge, mister!  That ain’t going to waste!

Susan shows Rachel the book she’d seen earlier:  a the history of Neolution.  Turns out they’re an old secret society designed to improve humans—what a surprise.  Susan is depressed:  Evie’s (Jessalyn Wanlim) power play has made her obsolete.  Rachel wants to take control of the situation; Susan says Evie had usurped them.

Felix (Jordan Gavaris) is speaking with Mrs. S, trying to comfort her.  He wants to know where Sarah went—that’s when Kira comes out and says Mommy left.  Fee’s like no she didn’t; Mrs S says Sarah can take care of herself, giving the impress she doesn’t give many shits about the girl.  Fee tells Kira he’s going to find her mother, and lets Mrs. S know they can’t let Sarah can’t go off the rails:  she’s the only thing holding them together.

However, Sarah’s off those fucking rails and probably cruising through a swamp right this moment.  She’s in a dive drinking hard.  She sees Beth in a mirror, but when she turns:  no one there.  More booze then!

Scott has the dude from upstairs checking the computers and they confirm the worst:  the data is gone, systems corrupted.  Cosima knows Evie took them off line; that was her intention.  Cosima’s really to give up:  there’s no where left to go.  Scott wants to get with her lab partner and think outside the box:  Cosima says can’t ‘cause she’s dead.  It’s a total burn, but Scott doesn’t take offense.  Cosima has one thing though:  Sarah’s bot, which she pinched from Bright Born.  Maybe there’s something there . . .

Mrs. S is with Art (Kevin Hanchard) filling him in on Kendall’s death.  Once he hears a description of the killer, Art thinks it’s Duko (Gord Rand), says he’s the one who went after Beth.  Mrs. S thanks him.

Evie’s at Bright Born with another doctor, discussing their gene therapy that’s going on. The doc says she’s won, though at the moment she doesn’t feel like it: she lifts her blouse and shows him the problem: she’s got shingles, brought about by a lifetime of taking immunosuppressants for her condition. Oh, poor baby. Be thankful it’s not herpes complex #100 which you should be infested with, bitch. But it hasn’t got her completely down—she says that she’s going to make the clones obsolete.

Susan, Rachel, and Ira are sniping back and forth right before they have a video call with Evie.  The New Head Bitch gets right to the point:  she’s taken over Neolution and is cutting the clones loose:  no more Helsinkis.  Although . . . she really can’t have Sarah and her sisters around ‘cause they’re a threat, and we know what Evie does with threats.  Rachel says she can help there, she’s not her sisters, she knows what to do.  Evie just pisses all over her and asks if she really thinks she’d let a clone have a position of power at Neolution.

Sarah’s getting blasted, which is when Dizzy (Joel Thomas Hynes) shows up—

"You remind me of someone--" "Maybe another clone you've gone drinking with?"

“You remind me of someone–” “Maybe another clone you’ve gone drinking with?”


They make a bit of small talk before a woman shows and asks if Sarah wants a slippery nipple and gives her a shot of bourbon.  No, not too subtle that.  Sarah wants to party and it’s not too long before she’s blasted and hanging with a couple.  They’re making eyes at each other:  looks like sex is about to go down, so rave out to Peaches, our special musical guest!

RT: Yay! I have been hanging for this cameo 😀

CF:  It was pretty good, and the show even ran the two minute performance about three-quarters of the way through the broadcast here.

OB S4 E7 Peaches

Clones have all the fun.


Sarah’s on the dance floor being a sandwich with the couple while Dizzy isn’t looking all that happy. By this time Sarah’s fucked up and she hauls the couple off the floor, leaving Dizzy even more pissed. In a back room Sarah’s making out with the girl as the dude cuts blow. Fee shows looking for Sarah, and we intercut between him looking for his sister and Sarah’s making out with the girl and getting ready to do some coke. Dizzy sees the picture on Fee’s phone and says he knows her, but he hasn’t seen her. Fee wants her to call. He mentions Kira.

Hey, girls just wanna have fun with people who don't look like them.

Hey, girls just wanna have fun with people who don’t look like them.


Alison is getting Gemma’s slumber party perfect.  Donnie want her to talk with someone.  Hey, it’s the Reverend!  He wants to know how Alison is.  She’s . . . Speechless.  This dude is the last person she wanted to see.  A bit later she’s chasing out the parents, and Gemma is being a little high maintenance pain in the ass, which means she’s taking after mom.  The Rev wants to talk, and he’s ready for another musical review.  He heard that Alison is having a hard time—she says no.  I mean, what’s she gonna talk about?  “Oh, my base genome source was murdered and now I’m gonna die a slow death with my other clones.”

Sarah’s making out with the dude, then caps that off with a little blow.  She sees Beth in another mirror, and we flash on when Beth was getting ready and doing drugs. It’s getting sexy. Sarah’s about to go three-way.

At the police station Duko’s on the way out, but not before Art sucker punches his ass and begins beating the fuck out of him. He knows he’s Neolution, he knows he had something to do with Beth—but Duko is blowing this off completely. He chuckles and says Evie is watching him, watching the clones, and that people are coming for him. Art punches Duko out and leaves.

RT: I love Art right about now. Could he just go and beat the fuck out of Evie now?

CF:  I have this feeling at some point Art’s gonna blow Duko away.

Rachel is speaking with Charlotte.  The girl is telling Rachel stories about the island, but Rachel has one of her own:  “Once upon a time you were cloned, but you’re sick and since we don’t have the original genome, you and I are going to die.  The End.”  Hard to say if Charlotte likes this story.

Sarah higher than fuck as she heads back to the bar with the couple. Dizzy’s still there and it doesn’t take long for things to get belligerent. Sarah tells the couple to piss off and Dizzy removes her from the bar and takes her outside. She’s being a pain in the ass, but he’d dealing. He wants to know where they’re going next. She says—

His place.  He gives her a beer and something to bring her down.  More sexy stuff begins before he chills the mood by telling her that one of his friends had something in his face, too, and he was killed when they tried to pull it out.  Sarah doesn’t want to talk about bots; she wants to fuck.  They start getting down to business and slips Dizzy’s finger into her mouth—and he’s like, “Hey, your implant is gone.  How did that happen?”  Sarah flips the fuck out as he wants to know how she got it out.  Sarah’s seeing Beth again and tells her to stop following her, but Dizzy think she’s talking to him.  She calls Dizzy a wanker and storms out.

Back at the slumber party Donnie is telling ghost stories to the girls while Alison is creeping around.  She has the birthday cupcakes ready and is about to hand them out when—is that a knock at the door?  Damn right, and there’s cops on the other end of that knock.  Dude, it’s a bust!

On the bright side, if a certain pregnant Ukrainian were around, the party room would be filed with dead cops.

On the bright side, if a certain pregnant Ukrainian woman were around, the party room would be filed with dead cops.


Donnie is pushed to the floor, cuffed, and arrested, while Alison and the kids are screaming their asses off.  Then Duko shows up with his shit-eating grin and hands Alison a card, telling her they need to keep in touch.  Oh, and he mentions Kendall, just so she knows.

RT: *screams* I am hating the hell out of Duko!

CF:  All the Neolutionist have got to die.  I am hating on them so hard.  And he is so damn smug about being evil, too.

Mrs. S talking to Kira, and the little girl isn’t doing well.  She wants to know if it was mommy’s fault that granny died.  Mommy thinks it her fault, and now she’s following Beth.  This does not sit well with Mrs. S.

Sarah out in the cold, walking on a bridge, drunk and depressed.  She sees Beth’s shoes and purse on the ground next to her—and there’s Beth as well, apparently in the mood to talk.

I believe I mentioned in another recap that when the ghost appears to talk, it's usually not going to end well for the living.

I mentioned in another recap that when the ghost appears to talk, it’s usually not going to end well for the living–


Cosima and Scott are checking out the bot, which appears to have healed itself.  Cosima’s thinking outside the box and wants to use the bot to heal her bad genes.  Right then they get the call:  food upstairs.  They head up and, oops, she wants to go back and check something.  There’s the bot—

"It's just a little bot: what's the worst it can do?"

“It’s just a little bot: what’s the worst it can do?”


Sarah and Beth are chatting.  Sarah wants a train ticket and Beth gives her a credit card before joking that she can’t use it ‘cause Sarah already maxed it out.  Sarah wants to know if Beth is going to follow her for the rest of her life:  Beth says it won’t be necessary:  this is the last night.

"Goddamnit, it's bad enough I've got living people who look like me telling me crap like this--"

“Goddammit, it’s bad enough I’ve got living people who look like me spouting this crap–“


Sarah is ranting and pissed off, and knows she’s talking to a dead person.  She tells Beth that she doesn’t want to know about her sisters that she doesn’t want any of this bullshit anymore.  She’s going to jump off the bridge, but Beth remarks it’s not high.  But there are trains flying by.  Sarah screams—

Back at the Rabbit Hole Scott is freaking as Cosima is going about cutting open the inside of her cheek so she can put the bot in and see what it does.  It might cure her—it might kill her.  At this point she’s so overwhelmed with guilt she doesn’t care.

Fee gets a call from Mrs S, who tell him that Kira says Sarah is following Beth.  This shit doesn’t sound good.  Then Scott calls and tells him about Cosima about to put the bot in her face, and this sounds even worse.  However Delphine is mentioned, and right then Fee remembers something!  Now he wants to talk to Cosima.  He’s in a cab and trying to call while Cosima is taking a scalpel to her mouth and bleeding all over the place.  She’s getting ready put the bot in, but finally decides to answer Fee’s call.  And what’s so import that Fee needs to interrupt her impromptu surgery?  He knows about Delphine getting shot because Krystal not only saw it happen, she saw her taken away by someone—and she was alive.  Cosima hangs up and starts crying as she sets the bot aside.

RT: Are you shitting me?! *does a happy dance*

CF:  I guess we now know who Jon Snow and Gleen Rhee were hanging out with over the last summer.  The implication here is that someone else is playing here, maybe watching the Neolution moves.  I mean, why else pick up Delphine after she’s left for dead?

RT: I hate that BBC America have lied to us by saying Delphine was dead 😦

CF:  It’s the in-thing this year:  “Oh, one of our character died, but then they got better.”  All the networks are doing it.  I think that somehow this is going to tie into that vision Cosima had at the end of Season 2, and it’s all going to come clear.

RT: It better have a payoff that’s worth it.

Fee sees Sarah on the bridge and gets out of the cab.  Beth is talking to Sarah, telling her there’s more to us than just biology.  Fee runs up and hears her ranting about Beth, and tells his sister that she has to be stronger than Beth, they need her.  At the same time Beth say she has to join her.  Sarah’s about to completely lose it when . . . she chooses Fee and give him a huge hug.

RT: Thank God! That was close. I really thought we would lose Sarah in this episode.

CF:  There are so many rumors floating about that one of the Ledas is going to do.  If they lost Sarah, that’s their center.  It would be difficult to regroup.

"Sarah, I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna--" "Oi, piss off, wanker."

“Sarah, I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna–” “Oi, piss off, wanker.”


Breakfast time.  Sarah is there, looking fucked up and hung over.  No words between her and Mrs. S.  She gets a few eggs.  They hold hands, reconnecting.

Kira’s in her room and on the laptop playing Minecraft.  The screen freezes for a moment, and the game is replaced with a strange background and a woman in a sheep’s mask.  Kira seems to know her; she hides in the shadows.  The person on the other end say she can call her Mika.

Back at the Winter House Rachel is coming down stairs—literally, as she falls at the bottom. Ira (Ari Millen) comes to help her, but she’s not really paying attention because a swan is floating past.  Rachel is freaking as she watches the swan reach the end of the room and flicker out . . .

Maybe you could say this was Rachel's swan dive?

Maybe you could say this was Rachel’s swan dive?



Three episodes left, and it looks as if there’s going to be some major action between Team Leda and Neolution.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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