Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 7, “Shiva”


FTWD S2 E7 Strand

We’ve reached the mid-season finale for Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, and things were certainly left discombobulated for all involved.  Let’s get into the story and see what happened:


Walking through the jungle in the rain, someone comes up behind a young boy. There are bodies floating in the water—lots of them. We come up behind a young boy and hear the words: “Take the gun, Daniel.”

There’s a gunshot and we’re back with Daniel (Ruben Blades), who was dreaming this scene. He grabs Ofelia (Ruben Blades) and they take off. He wants to run and get away from the villa, but Ofelia can’t. Daniel wants to know why. She looks at him and peals off part of her cheek—

Another gunshot, and this time we’re done with the whole Inception “dream within a dream” and back in the real world. Daniel gets up as does everyone. They rush into Thomas’ bedroom and find Strand with Thomas, who just took a bullet to the head. Celia (Marlene Forte) is giving Strand (Colman Domingo) tons of shit about not killing himself and destroying Thomas. She slaps him, and when Madison (Kim Dickens) stops Celia from hitting him again, Celia tells her she’s his fool.

Daniel finds Ofelia and they embrace. Travis (Cliff Curtis) comes across Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and asks about Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), whom he can’t find. They’re like, Nope, don’t know where he’s at. Travis wants them to him find him, but Alicia blows that shit off, mentioning that Chris was standing over her in the dark with a knife. Go find your own psycho son.

RT: Go Alicia! So glad she has grown a set since the start of Season 2.

CF:  Alicia has, for sure, been through the most shit in terms of doing dumb shit and then trying to work her way out of it.  Maybe Gimple heard us bitching about her being on the wrong show after the Ouroboros recap.

RT: I hope so! When she has her game plan on, she is fantastic. Here’s hoping she was just finding her feet within this character.

CF:  Being nearly responsible for the death of your family will put a change on your ass.

Celia continues giving Strand shit. He wants to bury Thomas, she’s calling him a loser. She tells everyone they have until sundown tomorrow to get out, and she looked pissed enough that it’s obviously not a threat.

Travis spots Chris wandering across the fields. He run; Travis runs after.

Dawn. Daniel stands to one said as squealing pigs are brought in. Villa people standing around watching Strand digging a grave. He sharpens a piece of metal, just in case.
Travis is out beyond beyond the walls and comes upon a nearby village. He finds a dead zombie with a knife in its skull. He takes it, cleans it, keeps it with him. He checks a holster and discovers there was a gun—

And it’s with Chris, who’s watching from a distance. He turns and runs off.

Travis out running around without shoes on. This will end well, city boy.

Travis out running around without shoes on. This won’t end well, city boy.


Madison’s looking out over the field, trying to spot Travis.  She tells Alicia and Nick to grab everything they can ‘cause it’s likely they’re gonna have to move quickly when the time comes. Madison mentions the truck and tells the kids that they’ll make for that and head back to the boat.  Alicia doesn’t want to leave; neither does Nick. Madison says they’re leaving when Travis comes back.  Alicia reverts back to Pissy Teen Girl and asks her mom, what if he doesn’t?  Madison isn’t in the mood for bullshit and tells her daughter he’s coming back.

RT: I actually really wanted Madison to just say at this point, “We go anyway.” I’m kind of glad Alicia asked the tough question.

CF:  While Madison said “We’ll wait,” you saw the look on Madison’s face say, “We’ll probably go.”  Kim was playing Madison note perfect in this episode.

Travis is checking out the a village;  it’s vacant with dead bodies laying around.  He’s finally limping because he ran out without putting on shoes and he’s not really made for wandering the countryside in his bare feet.  He thinks he hears a sound and enters a house, were he comes face-to-face with a living person.  Tense moment, no blows.  Travis’ feet hurt and he can barely walk at this point.  The man in the house gives him water; Travis reiterates he’s looking for his son, but the house guy doesn’t speak English.  Travis removes his socks:  his feet are bloody and raw.

Nick comes back, all done up in his bloody Zombie Walk look.  He’s been to the boat and he’s got Luis (Arturo Del Puerto), whom he brought back to his mother.  Everyone is watching this horror show.  Madison calls out to him:  he blows her off.  He gets Luis inside the villa and Celia speaks to her son:  you’ve changed, but you’re still my son.  She tells one of the villa staff to take him away and take care him.

"Come on, dude, we're almost home."

“Come on, dude, we’re almost home.”


Celia’s happy with Nick: she sees he understands.  She want him to stay, but he doesn’t want to leave his family.  She knows what his family sees when they see Luis:  a monster.  Nick begs for his family to stay, using Luis as a bit of leverage.  She asks if he’ll be responsible for his family’s actions:  he say yes.  She’s okay with that, but no matter what, Strand must go—she says he was never welcome.  Celia tells Nick this isn’t the Apocalypse:  it’s the start of life eternal.  Yeah, digging your crazy bullshit, Celia.

RT: As soon as Nick walked in with Luis, I knew he was using him for leverage. It was at this point I also started to get a bit scared for him. After all, just how many times is he gonna wear the zombie mask before the blood seeps into a cut? As for Celia, if the junkies are the only ones doing your version of bat shit crazy, you really have to take a long hard look at yourself.

CF:  This really goes into what I was feeling about the episode:  the guys were all losing their shit in increments over the last few episodes, and tonight we saw what happens when they start having their break with reality.  Stand’s observation of Nick is note perfect, and Chris and Travis are falling down hard as well.  As for Daniel . . .

Strand is still digging that grave, ‘cause you need a good-sized hole and that takes time.  Daniel’s watching this bullshit and finally tells Strange says not to bury Thomas, at least not here, ‘cause the land is unclean, it’s infected.  There are too many dead, and Thomas won’t rest in this shitty environment.  Just watch:  he’ll be back for you.  I’d listen, ‘cause if there’s anyone who knows about the dead returning to haunt your ass, it’s Daniel.  He knows:  they come back changed, and you change too, and hate you because fuck it, that’s what they do.  Daniel is truly losing his shit, and it’s there for Strand to see.

RT: Daniel was weird for me this episode until I got it all straight in my head. At first I was thinking he has gone too crazy too quickly, but then I got to thinking about what he was saying about the place being unclean and unholy. I think this place was a trigger for him and his superstitions. If the group had never found Celia’s compound, perhaps Daniel would have been fine. I think it also helped acerbate Chris’ crazy as well.

CF:  Having to deal with guys taking the on the boat was the first trigger, but this place truly set Daniel on the PTSD Path.  The Zombies in the Cellar moment probably reminded him of people he’s thrown in a hole to die, and it really became too much for him.

"And when they come back, they raid your refrigerator and drink all the good beer, and . . ."

“And when they show up, they raid your refrigerator and drink all the good beer, and . . .”


Nick is washing up and getting the blood off.  Madison brings him a towel and clothes.  She says he’s changed, he’s so different.  She doesn’t understand what he’s doing, how it is he can be with these creatures.  He says they’re not dead or infected, just different.  He tells Madison he can bring Travis back.  He gets all spooky and tells he’s not worried about moving among them.  He says can walk with them; he will not die.

RT: This is the exact moment when I realised we were no longer in Kansas. It is also at this point I really thought Nick would be a goner by the end of the episode.

CF:  Unless Nick gets his ass back in the real world, I don’t see him lasting too long beyond a few episodes at the restart of the season.  He needs to get past people who want him to “do” things and just be himself.

RT: He can’t die yet! He’s the one character I have maintained full investment in.

CF:  I think he’ll snap out of it, but I’m also guessing when the season starts up we’ll see at least one more original member die.  Nick is a good bet if he keeps Walking With Zombies.

"Trust me, mom: I know how to hang with people who shamble, moan, and smell bad."

“Trust me, mom: I know how to hang with people who shamble, moan, and smell bad.”


Daniel finds Ofelia, grabs her, and starts dragging her off.  He tells her Mama is at the gate and is trying to get her to leave with him.  Naturally she’s freaking right the fuck out, and this draws the villa staff to them.  Daniel starts a fight and slashes one of the dudes, which forces the others to pile on and “restrain” him before taking him away.

Madison finds Strand and tells him she doesn’t understand Nick. But he does, and has the line of the night: “You take a vulnerable kid, an addict, drop him in a mess of death and doubt, it won’t be long before he starts looking for something to cling to. In comes Mama Celia with her authentic Mexican cuisine, side of quasi-religious voodoo bullshit and voila. You bet your ass she’s got her hooks in him.”

RT: I don’t think there has been a more honest truth spoken during this show than what Strand said then.

CF:  For all his ups and downs Strand really does have the clearest vision of anyone in the group.  And Madison is seeing it as well.  Notice most of her conversations about “What happens next?” are with him.  She knows.

He says he’s going back to the boat, if it’s even there. (Given Nick just came back with Luis, probably.)  He want to know if she’s interested in going; she says she’s waiting for Travis. He says she needs to stay with her family. He tells her to stay and take care of their own. He tells her not to get sentimental with him: they were both and end to each other’s means, and let’s not pretend we were friends.

Back in Zombie Village the man of the house gets Travis a pair of shoes. There’s a picture of the man’s son and asks if he’s seen Chris: the man points off in one direction and tries to get Travis to leave. Travis notices an English word book on the sofa and sees a shadow under a door, all of which kicks his Spidey Senses into gear. He tells the man there’s someone in the room; the man replies, in English, that the person in there said he’d hurt his son. Travis bursts into the room: of course is Chris with a gun to the little kid’s head. Right away he’s like, “Why won’t you leave me alone?” Maybe because you’re fucked up, kid?

RT: Aside from the tension of this moment, you have gotta love the fact the book was about a barn…

CF:  If we were writers, we might say that was a touch of irony . . .

RT: It reminded me of this:

The Governor is a pirate

CF:  Arrr, ye zombies!  Yes, The Walking Dead has been pretty blatant about this stuff at times.

Celia is speaking to the people at the villa as they are burying Thomas.  She tells them all world is reborn as people start tossing handfuls of dirt in the grave.  Alicia can’t believe Madison will let them throw Strand out; Madison tells her daughter there’s nothing she can do  Celia tells Strand to get the fuck out, and he replies he’s not ready and readies his shovel, getting set to throw down.  She backs off and runs right in to Ofelia , who wants to see her father.  Celia can’t allow it yet, but she assures the girl her father is being looked after.  Celia and Madison exchange mean looks:  no love between these two.

RT: I actually thought Celia was talking code for “Daniel is in the lock up with the infected.”

CF:  I wondered about that was well.  After all, Celia’s on the Crazy Train at that point, so it could mean anything.

Chris and Travis speak.  Christ is ranting, says people don’t want him around.  Travis smacks the gun out of his hand, chases him outside, and gets him down.  Chris pulls a knife and Travis manages to put that down, too.  The fight finally goes out of Chris, who tells his father “I’m no good.”  Travis ain’t disagreeing, and all the stuff Rachel’s been saying about Chris having problems before this seem like they’re coming true.

RT: Yep, I am betting there is sooooooo much backstory we haven’t seen yet between these two.

CF:  I’m hoping we hear about that at the start-up of next season.  I remembered after the note taking that Chris told Ofelia he had to change schools–wanna bet he was stalking a girl at his old school?  Or he was threatening someone?

RT: Oh, good catch!

CF:  I think we’re in for a good Travis-Chris episode when we return from the summer.  There’s gotta be a lot of shit happening with this kid.  Let me call it now:  imagine if Travis has to put Chris down because he won’t snap out.  “Chris, look at the flowers . . .”

RT: Oh, I really hope this happens 😀 Plus, I think it might be a while before we see Nick again, so putting the Travis/Chris story in the first ep seems very likely. Then Strand and his insta-family.

CF:  Lorenzo Henrie was answering tweets yesterday about Chris, and I love how he seems to know what’s throwing the kid off without having to come out and say anything–which it probably can’t do anyway, since they’ve probably finished filming Season 2 and he doesn’t want to give anything away.  

Celia brings food to a beaten and tied to a chair Daniel. He thinks she’s going to poison him, but she laughs that shit off. She can tell that he hates her and fears her, as well as knowing he fears the dead. He says the dead are an abomination against God. She wants to know how many people he’s killed: the answer is obviously “A lot.” He’s hearing voices and the eyes are a giveaway: he’s losing it fast as he’s glancing all around the room and looking scared. Celia wants him to confess his sins, and she’s fucking with him hard as he continues hearing voices. He has nothing to tell her, nothing to say. She says there’s nothing to worry about’ she’ll take care of him. Celia leaves the area—looks like a storage area—and Daniel looks up and seems relieved. Why? Because his wife Griselda (Patricia Reyes Spindola) stands before him, smiling. When someone’s plays the Ghost Wife Card, the end is fucking nigh for the person seeing said wife.  You know I’m right.

Travis is sitting outside and resting as Bloody Nick appears. Travis wants to know why he’s there: Nick’s there to bring him back. Nick sees Chris, but Travis tells him that, no, you didn’t find him, you didn’t find me. We can’t come back ‘cause Chris can’t come back—but at this moment, the boy needs his father. Nick gives Travis his big knife and takes off without a word.

RT: Why didn’t they send Nick out to find Chris in the first place? Nick could have done away with him and then returned with the “Nope, couldn’t find him” card.

CF:  Because one, he was off getting Luis, and two, before their little conversation I don’t believe Madison would have asked.  I do wonder if Nick would have killed Chris if he’d found him on his own.

RT: To be honest, I’m not sure he would have either. Especially now he is all at one with the zombies.

CF:  Lorenzo shared this Sunday night, and I started laughing the moment I saw it:

When we talk about Nick coming up and whacking Chris out, I hope it looks like this.

Celia is cleaning up Thomas’ bloody bed when Madison enters the room. She pleads to let Strand stay at the villa. Celia won’t hear of this: the asshole killed my son. Madison wants Celia to think of her son. Celia does: she sees him as open-hearted, clear, ready to accept the new world. Madison wants to know what to do if she can’t accept that, and Celia says she’ll leave that to Nick to decide what to do when the time comes. Madison wants to understand this new world, and Celia decides to show her.

Daniel and Griselda are talking off many things, Ofelia among them.  Griselda wants to know if he he ever loved her:  he smiles and says she needn’t ask.  She wants to know why he didn’t bury her; Daniel is almost crying as he say he looked but couldn’t find her.  She reminds him of his old life, of the stories she carried, and it’s killing him.  She asks about the one story that still haunts him, and there’s the flashback of him finding dead people in the water.  One of the men in the water is still alive.  Young Daniel is given a gun and he kills this person—his first victim, he says.  It’s what made him.  Griselda tells him no:  he was his first victim.  He doesn’t argue back.

FTWD S2 E7 Griselda and Daniel

“And you know I’m right because I’m a ghost. Never argue with a ghost.”


Celia shows Madison the Cellar of the Dead.  She opens the door and walks in, talking about the people she watches.  There’s her son, Luis:  Awww, look at him, eating with the other zombies.  Celia wants to know what Madison would do for her children.  Madison says nothing. But she doesn’t need words.  She closes the cellar door, locks Celia in with the zombies, takes the key, and straight up wanders off with an ice cool look on her face like, “Yeah, I just murdered your crazy ass,” which Madison just did.  Celia doesn’t seem at all surprised—

RT: This is when I messaged you all excited that Maddie was back on the top of my “bad arse bitch” list 😉

CF:  I loved this moment.  Madison took that final step, the one that says, “Fuck with me or my family and I will end you,” and she left someone dangerous to die, but at the same time you saw her thinking, “I’ve killed you, but it was necessary.”  Now, she didn’t put a knife in Celia’s skull, which is what Rick or Carol would have done, but she manipulated the old bat to where she was.  And as they say, after the first, the rest are easy.  I expect Madison to not give a fuck about danger after this.

"This is how you kill someone? Amateur."

This is how you kill someone? Amateur.”


It’s night at the villa. One of the staff brings Daniel food and unties one hand so he can feed himself. Daniel drops the spoon then head butts the dude and jumps on him chair-first. He grabs the dude’s keys and a light as Griselda watches and tells him, “Do this for me.”  Strand is lead out. He’s waves goodbye to Alicia, who is waving back.  Travis and Chris wandering across the fields, apparently heading off on Walkabout.

Daniel walks into Zombie Cellar with a can of gas and soaks down the floor. He has a lighter as the zombies face him, but he’s not seeing them, he’s seeing all the people he’s killed during the years. Griselda breaks way from them and stands in the open, smiling at her husband. He tells her that he has finally found her, and she welcomes him. He drops the now-flaming lighter into the gas around his feet and doesn’t move as the place goes up.

Strand finds the truck and see the villa burning; Nick sees it as well. The entire villa is consumed in flames because either Daniel soaked down the whole joint while everyone was busy, or it rains gas in Mexico.  Madison is running around looking for Daniel.  Alicia grabs Ofelia and pulls her away.

RT: I am going with the “rains gas” option.

CF:  That place went up pretty fast, so I’m going with the “rains gas” option as well.

"Come on, we gotta go. Besides, this place doesn't even have Netflix: totally sucks."

“Come on, we gotta go. Besides, this place doesn’t even have Netflix: it totally sucks.”


Strand arrives with the truck and gathers up the women telling them they gotta get the fuck out of there.  Madison sees Nick while Strand and Alicia are screaming for her to get in the truck.  Madison and Nick speak:  he couldn’t find Travis, but fuck all that:  who did this?  Who’s started the fire?

"And don't tell me it was Billy Joel, Mom!"

“And don’t tell me it was Billy Joel, Mom!”


Nick looks sad as he says Celia was right, we destroy everything. Strand and Alicia are screaming their asses off at Madison as the now-pissed off villa people are heading towards the truck ready to kick some ass. Strand finally grabs her as Nick runs off to join the zombies and dumps her in the cab. As they drive away Madison sees Nick walking among the dead, and Alicia looks back with a bit of sadness, but also a look of resignation.

The truck pulls out of the villa, leaving it for the dead.


And there we have it:  the end of the first half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.  And how did we leave everyone at this point?


  • Travis is out wandering the fields of Mexico with his probably-going-psycho son.
  • Nick is happy wandering with the zombies–at least until his bloody outfit dries in the hot Mexican sun, at which point he may become a zombie.
  • Daniel is probably dead, but don’t bet on Celia being dead as we didn’t see her body, and that’s usually a sure fire indication in this universe she’s still alive.  (Hum, maybe Alex and her will hook up–)
  • The women and the gay man are the only ones who managed to keep their shit even semi-together during this entire episode, and anyone who gets in their way better watch the fuck out.


Does this mean we’re going to see an attempt to get the band back together, or are we about to kiss the men folk goodbye?  We’ll find out on 21 August, when Episode 8 airs on AMC and starts the second half of Fear the Walking Dead as it likely leads into The Walking Dead in October.

RT: All in all, I am really happy with the direction AMC are headed with Fear The Walking Dead. I totally love how they have split the group up at the end. And. being the sadist I am, I would love to see these groups separated for a really long time. Perhaps even have then become opposing sides without even realising it.

CF:  I’m there as well.  I think Madison will go looking for Nick, but Travis and Chris may be shit out of luck on this one.  And it didn’t appear Alicia was too broken up about leaving her brother behind . . .

Until then, I’m going to take most of the summer off, as I’ve been pretty much involved in some heavy recaping in one way or another since Valentine’s Day.  But don’t worry, when the zombies return, I’ll be right here, um, walking with them.

RT: Once again, it’s been awesome having you on board recapping these amazing shows. I can’t wait to see your return when The Walking Dead comes back 😉

CF:  We’ll get to Fear before we both get into that abortion that was the Season 6 Finale and how they’re coming back from that.

Thank you for following, and as always, tell us what you thought of the episode in the comment below!

See you in August!


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