Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 5, “Captive”

FTWD S2 E5 Travis

Only a few more episodes left in this half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, so let’s get into the events of Episode 5:


We do what we can to cope and move on . . .


Chopping veggies as I Fall to Pieces plays. Someone’s making Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) a meal. Steak cooking in a pan, there’s TV on in the background. The pregnant woman that helped take the Abigail, Vida (Veronica Diaz), comes out as Connor (Mark Kelly) serves up the meal. He tells Alicia he makes sure that everyone gets a hot meal every night. She wants to know where Jack (Daniel Zovatto) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) are. He says eat. She wants to know about her family. He says she might be happy with them, that Jack had a sense about her. The power goes out and Alicia’s left with Vida. She starts eating, and seems to enjoy the dinner. Vida comes and takes the meal and leaves Alicia behind.  Fuck her.  Alicia runs after and find the door locked. As is another. And another. She finally finds a ladder and heads up above and finds herself on the bow of a tug sitting up out of the water in a dry dock.

Alicia’s shocked to find they’re not on the water.  She turns and—there’s Jack.  He takes her down below and tells her that one, she shouldn’t do what she just did, and two, Connor likes to get to know people on his own.  He tells her that getting a steak is a first.  The power comes on.  She wants to see Travis.  Jack can’t do that.  He wants to know if she trusts him.  She does.  He’ll says he’d do what he can and find out if the family made it to land.

On the Abigail Daniel (Rubén Blades) is seeing to Reed (Jesse McCartney), cleaning up the wound which still has a damn crowbar stuck through it. Reed doesn’t want to be touched; he says he’ll get fixed up when he gets back home with his merry band of pirates. Daniel wonders aloud if he is going home, with Reed giving him a cold “fuck you” look. Reed starts working his jaw on Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) again, talking about how his brother—whom we discover is Connor—took out his mom, and he warns everyone that if he doesn’t comes back with the Abigail, Connor’s coming looking for him, and—AAAAAHHHHHHH. Daniel pushes the crowbar in deep simply for the fuck of it, mostly because Daniel seems to enjoy giving out the pain. Reed now works that jaw on Daniel and says he’s gonna take Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) apart, leaving Daniel to offer up the line of the evening, “In my time, I’ve known men who inspire fear. Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.”

"So tell me again how much of a bad ass you are with this bar stuck through you liver."

“So tell me again how much of a bad ass you are with this bar stuck through your liver.”

Daniel and Chris leave the room, and Daniel tells Chris to leave Reed alone, just watch him from outside, don’t engage. Ofelia shows up and wants to know about all the blood on Daddy’s hands. She thinks Chris should be upstairs; Daniel wants him to stay busy down below so he doesn’t worry.

Daniel shows up on the bridge and starts speaking with Madison (Kim Dickens), who is seeing to Strand (Colman Domingo). Daniel figures out Connor’s group has five boats, and on their radar they find a cluster to the north. As they turn and head that way Luis (Arturo del Puerto) shows up and freaks, says they gotta head south. He speaks with Strand, wants him to tell Madison the truth about what’s going on: Strand blows that off, says you can’t tell her anything. Luis and Strand speak in Spanish, and it come out sounding like the original deal was for two people, and there isn’t enough money to get the others into wherever they’re going. Strand says he’ll negotiate, ‘cause you know everything is a negotiation. Daniel doesn’t say anything about this discussion going on behind him, and tells Madison they’re gonna have to have everyone on this operation, even the kids. She doesn’t want that but he’s insistent.

Jack is showing Alicia how to work the radar, how to watch for ships.  He’s telling her that she has to pull her weight, everyone does, and what she’ll do is check out boats and decide which ones they’ll hit.  When he turns she manages to get something off him, looks like a knife.  He then goes all stalker crazy on her and says she pulled him in with her talk on the radio, turning her reason for being on the boat into something a bit personal.  He tells her to pick a boat to go after.

"Oh, Jack, I've never done piracy on a first date--"

“Oh, Jack, I’ve never done piracy on a first date–“

Travis is below decks in a room turned into a cage.  Looks hot, looks unpleasant.  He finds a book and tries using it to force open the door.  Someone appears at the end of the corridor beyond the cage door.  And . . . it’s Alex (Michelle Ang) with blown-out hair and a super pissed off look on her face.  She tells Travis the story of Jake and her after they were cut loose, how they ran out of water and Jake moaned in pain until he lost his voice.  How he had fluid in his chest she could hear.  How he whispered “Don’t let me drown.”  How she choked him to death and pushed him out into the water before he could turn.  Travis said she did what she had to do; she calls bullshit and says he made her do it.  She admits that Connor found her when she was nearly dead, and in exchange for that she gave him the Abigail.  But really, she wants Travis.

RT: I get the feeling that AMC are taking advantage of the fact the apocalypse has only just started with all the lovely clothes and flowing locks. All the women seem to be blowing out their hair budget at least.

CF:  Yes, we haven’t gotten to the point where everyone’s hair grooming regime has gone to hell.  And with all that salt water around . . .

Strand is shivering, a sign he’s shaking off the hypothermia. He observes Madison, who is piloting the boat, is white-knuckling the wheel. And why not: she’s pissed. In particular she doesn’t like that Nick (Frank Dillane) was on-shore doing night runs for Strand. He’s doing his best to blow off Maddie, says he knows Nick can do anything he wants, that he has potential that no one else sees. Madison gives zeros fucks about potential, Strand better not come between her and her son or blond hell is coming after him.

Jack and Alicia are in hanging out in front of their radar picking and labeling boats. Jack sees something on the screen and, in a bit of a panic, starts leafing through a binder of notes. Alicia’s like, what’s NY44? Wait—that’s the Abigail, isn’t it? How are they here so fast? Alicia’s losing it because there’s only one way it could be here that quickly . . . She wants to know what’s going on with her family—are they dead? Did you know? Jack wrestles her down, trying to calm her, and the moment between them gets creepier. That’s when she wants to know what happens to all the other people on the boats—where did they go? Are they all gone? He doesn’t know, but you know that’s bullshit. She wants to get a boat and go find them. Jack’s like, calm down, I’ll come with you, we’ll go together. About as tender moment as we’re going to get with these two.

RT: I got sick of Alicia asking Jack what happened to the other boats. I mean, come off it, judging by what went down with the Abigail, make an educated guess Alicia! Although, in all fairness, I would probably be in denial as well.

CF:  She was made promises, and at the time she was still willing to believe in those.  You can bet from now on she’s not going to be so gullible.

Madison goes below, finds Nick, and comes down on him, telling him not to pull that night run shit ever again like they’re back in the world and he was out late with the car. He’s loading a clip, not seeming a damn bit worried, and slaps it in the pistol like it’s no big deal. Between having Strand as a mentor and Daniel’s influence rubbing off, people best watch out for Nick now that he’s straight.

Alicia and Jack are watching the radar, figuring out the best opportunity to leave. He tells her there’s five boats near shore and they can take one of those and go. She tells Jack to make the call on a boat.

The Abigail is still in the water and Strand and Daniel on the bridge, scanning the shoreline. There’s Connor’s ship, and there are the five little boats. Strand puts on his game face: it’s time to knock on the front door.

Travis says he has a son.  He watches me; he looks to me to see how he’s supposed to face things.  Alex doesn’t look as pissed now:  she’s listening.  He can’t tell her what she wants to hear and admits he’s not better than when Strand cutting the rope.  He finally says what she did to Jake he did to his ex-wife:  he put her down, he knows the lose.  He lost a part of him and he wants it back.  She says you don’t get it back, it’s fucking gone, daddy, gone.  He’s so sorry for everything that happened to her and the body.  He’s sure they can be more than they are now, can’t they?  She doesn’t know.  She starts to walk off and he asked her wait:  what happens to Alex?  She says Connor told her he can use her, but no one uses her.

RT: I think everyone better watch the fuck out for Alex. That girl can hold a grudge like no other I’ve seen. My guess is she will be the first female “big bad” in the Walking Dead universe.

CF:  I saw your write-up on The Inquisitor, and I have to agree.  We’re not done with Alex, and she has a good chance of becoming the Governor of the West Coast.

RT: I think I like what AMC have done here. I totally wouldn’t have guessed at a female baddie.

Chris is standing guard and Reed is hacking up a lung, but somehow has enough energy and will to keep. working. that. fucking. jaw. He’s playing up that his brother is gonna do stuff with Alicia, and there’s no need to elaborate on what he mean by “stuff and things” here. Reed wants to know where Chris’ mom is and a lack of answer has him going yeah, we’re both orphans, but when the time comes, family is going to put you down, kid, it don’t matter. Nick comes and shuts the door before shit gets any more real and wants to know if Chris is okay. Chris gets to what’s really the matter, and that it’s he froze, he fucked up, and that’s what let these guys got on the boat. Nick’s blows him off, because he knows real. He’s like, were you gonna shoot a pregnant woman? I wouldn’t. Don’t let this shit get inside your head. Listen to your junkie almost-stepbrother, dude. He knows the score.

RT: Seriously, can we just have Nick on screen all the time offering sage, ex-junkie words of wisdom? In all honesty though, this episode felt like the very first episode where the actors were just chilling as their characters, chatting and being a family, or, at least, a group of people who actually know each other. I think this is what I had been missing from the show so far.

CF:  Up to this point it’s like they’ve all reacted, and now, after all the shit that’s happened, they’re finally starting to act.  Madison taking charge, Nick getting his shit straight and turning hard, and even Alicia starting to see what needs to be done–they’ve finally gotten there.  Now they need to keep it going.  And, yes:  an episode of Nick laying out wisdom with Chris would be a great episode.

Travis is chillin’—as there’s nothing else to do—and Alicia comes below to talk.  He wants to know how she’s doing.  She tells him about the Abigail is coming but she knows nothing about the condition of their family.  She says they’re leaving tonight, Jack’s coming, too, he doesn’t want to be here.  Travis tells her that Alex is the one who informed on them, and she should just go if she has an out.

CF: On Talking Dead after this episode Alycia Debnam-Carey took the fans to task for voting the week before as her being the one to give up everything on the Abigail. Okay, for once they were wrong about her

Madison’s checking out Connor’s fleet, such as it is. They don’t see anyone, but there’s a voice on the radio: it’s Connor. He’s telling Reed to drop anchor and stop screwing around. She tells Connor surprise, bitch, it’s me! Oh, and we’ll give your brother back when I get my family. He wants to know about the dead guys, she tells him they weren’t going to do as they were told and leaves it at that. She wants to trade, Reed for her family. He agrees, one hour. Just as they cut communications there’s a gunshot. Down below Ofelia finds Chris with a gun: he says that Reed was going to turn and he had to put him down. Reed is dead, but ol’ Dead Eye Chris seems to have shot him through the mouth instead of the head. Luis is freaking, saying we’re fucked, we’re done. Daniel knows better: nothing is done.

RT: This was one of my fave bits of the episode. Madison has everything together, being a better negotiator than Rick Grimes and then Chris fucks everything up so royally. I totally don’t think Chris is killing Reed here though but–in his fucked up head–actually killing Vida, trying his best to fix things as well as prove he is capable.

CF:  I got that Chris finally had enough of old Reed jackin’ his jaw and deciding to make things right, but of course he had no idea what was happening up above.  Yeah, given what he said about Vida, I think he really wanted to put a few rounds in her.

Madison goes to talk to Chris.  He’s moody and upset and sticks to the story that he knew Reed was gonna turn.  He knows that, because that’s what happens.  She asks him about the gun and he tells her it’s Reed’s gun, he picked it up off the deck.  He wants to know if he screwed things up.  Madison tells him not to worry, they’ll get Travis back.  He wants her to know he had to kill Reed, and he’s on the verge of tears.  She comforts him.

"Next time you need to kill someone, use a better story than, 'He was gonna become a zombie'."

“Next time you need to kill someone, use a better story than, ‘He was gonna become a zombie’.”

Over with the Mighty Pirate Fleet, Connor is getting Travis ready for transport. Connor says his time here is done and he tells Jack to go get Alicia. Back on Abigail Ofelia and Nick are cleaning up the Reed Aftermath. She’s wondering if Reed really was going to turn, and son of a bitch, up pops the zombie and Reed starts growling. As he gets up Daniel enters the room, telling Nick not to shoot. Daniel pushes on the crowbar still stuck in his gut and pins Reed to the wall. He watches, starts thinking, and begins mumbling: Not yet. Not yet. And right there I knew exactly where they were going . . .

Daniel has Reed black bagged and ready to transport. Right then he starts hearing a voice telling him to take the gun. What the fuck? Just what we need now: Daniel hearing shit. Ofelia shows up: it’s time to move Reed. They black bag his head—

RT: My other fave bit of this episode. I totally loved how everyone got on board with using a shitty situation to their own advantage.

CF:  It reminds me what Strand keeps saying:  “Everything’s a negotiation.”  And they were playing this one by ear hard.  It was great to see how suddenly everyone was like, “Just give them the zombie kid,” like no big deal.  Somewhere Rick Grimes wants to talk about it a few episodes before they unleash that shit.  And I’m wondering if Daniel has mild schizophrenia or PTSD, and without medication he’s having flash backs and/or hallucinations.

RT: Daniel with PTSD does not surprise me one little bit. He’s old-school too so he would never admit he had a problem. Could totally make him a lose canon later on down the track 😉

Jack shows up in the kitchen and calls for Alicia. He’s looking but can’t find her. Of course not: she’s hiding under the sink. She crawls out and makes a run for it.

Madison is getting the Zodiac ready and Nick says he really needs to go instead of her, why won’t he let her go? Because, she says, you want to go. Reed is brought out and loaded on to the Zodiac.

Things are in motion: it’s time to move people. Strand and Nick are on the flying bridge watching through binoculars. The Zodiac begins approaching The Mighty Connor Pirate Fleet. Alicia runs down to get Travis and finds him gone. Vida shows up and decides she doesn’t like this little brat so she’s going in the cage. Guess again, bitch! Alicia knocks her ass inside and locks her up.

RT: I am much more impressed with Alicia in this episode than I have ever been across the entire show.

CF:  She was really getting into the character, and watching a little of Alycia on Talking Dead, you could see she was having fun with the character finally.  Being around Nick is maybe wising her up.

The exchange is going down on a dock. Madison releases Reed as Travis comes to her. Connor takes his brother and removes the bag from Reed’s head—and right then and there Zombie Reed Does a Holly and down goes Connor screaming with a bite; a second dude quickly follows. The third guy on the dock goes after Travis and the fight is on . . .

CF:  And what exactly is “Does a Holly” mean?  Let’s head over the to East Coast and about a year and a half into the future of this Walking Dead zombie apocalypse and find out.  In the All Out War segment of the comic Negan comes over to Alexandria with a few of Rick’s people in tow, including a woman named Holly, who had been Abraham’s girlfriend before he took a crossbow bolt through the eye.  They march Holly in, and she’s got a bag on her head.  The Alexandria doctor, Denise–who in comic was straight and married to Heath–comes over and yanks the bag off Holly’s head



And Zombie Holly goes after Denise, biting her nearly in the same goddamn place on the same goddamn arm as Reed bit Connor.

Don't you hate it when fiction borrows from--fiction?

Don’t you hate it when fiction “borrows” from–fiction?

That’s why when I saw Daniel mumbling, “Not yet,” I’m like, “Oh, yeah:  they’re gonna do the Holly Trick on these guys.”  And while Kirkman didn’t write this episode, I gotta wonder if someone maybe went back and punched up this scene just a little . . .

RT: OMGs! Okay, so now we have an official Walking Dead crossover 😉

CF:  Really, I was smirking as the scene went to black because I knew this was gonna happen.  It’s as if someone on the production team said, “You know how we killed Denise?  Well, that pissed fans off, so maybe . . .”  It’s right out of the comic.  And in that first panel I posted of Holly, I keep seeing Liv.  😉

RT: Haha! I would LOVE to see an iZombie/Fear crossover 😉

CF:  Liv would own all the ass on this show.

Alicia is on the bow watching the fight go down  Jack shows up and wants to what’s going on—were you just going to leave?  Apparently, dude.  You can see he’s is just a little this side of devastated that he’s losing his almost-girlfriend.

"But . . . I picked your ship to board and seize--I though we had something real!

“But . . . I picked your boat to board and seize–I though we had something real!

The fight is nearly over, and Team Madison emerges victorious.  They get in the Zodiac and pull away from the dock.  On the ship Jack is starting to work Alicia:  he wants her to stay, he wants to be with her.  She, on the other hand, wants to get the fuck out of there and slides off the ship and dives into the water—

RT: I hate that AMC made me want to go all Stupid Alicia and want Alicia to ask Jack to join them. I love that Alicia finally has grown a set though.

CF:  Can you imagine how long Jack would have lasted aboard the Abigail before someone silt this throat and dumped him overboard?  I think he would have been given The Alex Treatment after a couple of days.

RT: I think it would have Madison who would have killed him too.

CF:  You know it.  She’s become the leader, like it or not.

"You're not the only boy in the world! Later, Loser!"

“You’re not the only living boy in the world! Later, Loser!”

Madison and Travis pilot the Zodiac over and pull her out of the water. Alicia looks back as they return to the Abigail and sees Jack watching her leave. Later, motherfucker: we’re history.


Two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead remaining, and Team Abigail is back on track for Mexico. Let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below!


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