Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 4, “From Instinct to Rational Control”

OB S4 E4 The Chef Kitchen

This recap is gonna cover some crazy stuff, because Orphan Black went there.  Let’s get there with Episode 4 right now–




All clones played by Tatiana Maslany

Morning. M.K’s doing her routine—brushing the teeth, flossing, making bombs with C4. Oh, and gathering information about Dyad as she digs through the Internet. She’s compiling information on the people on the board, keeping track of who’s here and who isn’t. During this montage we flash to the picture picture of another clone on the wall. Remember this image.

OB S4 E4 Veera and Clone

And just so you don’t forget . . .

Ferdinand (James Frain) and Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) are at another location with Sarah. Mrs. S isn’t about to compromise their houses, so Ferdie has to live with this. Sarah goes back to getting the bot the hell out of her face. Ferdie says he can’t do it, but he knows someone who can: Susan Duncan. He knows she’s alive, she’ll help. Oh, and Rachel’s alive as well . . . Mrs. S spots the play right away and says she knows he wants them to rescue Rachel, because of course he does. He also wants the source that tipped off Sarah, but she tells him to piss off, not gonna happen.

Cosima and Scott (Josh Vokey) have Leeke’s head.  As Cosima says, “Who’s the science now, bitch?”  Obviously you are, Clone Lesbian Scientist who doesn’t let anything go.  Scott figures the bot was feeding off him.  They find it and remove it from the cocoon—

Ferdinand is making breakfast and telling the tale of Rachel cook for and seducing him, and how they’re going to be back on top one of these days . . . Ah, young megalomaniacs in love, it’s a beautiful, twisted thing. Felix (Jordan Gavaris) shows up while Sarah tells Ferdie she’ll contact her source but no chance she’s giving them up.

Alison is talking to her friend Sarah Stubbs (Terra Hazelton) about doing their own play: Allie is thinking perhaps Jesus Christ, Superstar. Just don’t dip into the wine, okay? Sarah has to go do her hot yoga, and seconds after she departs the Neolutionist girl who was pregnant accosts Alison, thinking she’s Beth. She’s going off about how Beth was told to leave things alone, not to investigate anymore. Alison manages to get a picture about the time the girl is mentioning a fertility clinic—

Felix didn’t know there was a bot in Sarah’s face, but he’s still being pissy about everything, and you get the feeling his resentment about his sister is gonna bite him on the ass. Alison calls and shows the picture of the Neo girl who accosted her at the coffee shop, and brings up the clinic, which she thinks should be investigated—but, of course, Alison can’t go ‘cause they might think she’s Beth. Fee gives that little sigh and says he’ll help.

Helena is making a baby collage when Donnie (Kristian Bruun) shows up and starts picking up shit that Helena has left all over the place: don’t want to leave a mess for Mrs. Hendrix, do we? He has concerns, and it has a name: Alison. He tells Helena about how they tried having their own kids and what a miserable failure it became, and Alison having to see Helena pregnant—well, honey bunny, it’s hard. Donnie asks her to tip toe around as he gets a call: it’s Allie.

RT: Do you think Donnie and Helena will hook up? Image how crazy Alison would be? Probably this crazy:

Orphan Black Season 4 Allison with a gun and alcohol

CF:  I continue getting the vibe that Donnie likes Helena a lot, and sees her as the girl he should have ended up with instead of Alison.  It’s surprising that they aren’t uncomfortable around each other, and seeing how he’s made her smile now and then, so I do expected a hookup.  And I’d expect Alison to completely lose her mind and go after Sestra as well.  That should be hilarious.

Sarah’s back at the abandoned building talking to Dizzy.  M.K. got back to him—she’s there.  Dizzy leaves.  Of course the girl is on a computer:  never face to face.  Three minutes.  Sarah sits and speaks with M.K.:  she wants to know about the implants.  Mika talks about Susan, and Sarah lets her know that Susan is alive as well as Rachel.  M.K. wants to know how she knows that.  Sarah won’t say.

Alison and Donnie show up at a garage overlooking the clinic, Life Spring Fertility. Alison has fake ID and stories for a couple who are going in to see about having a baby. Guess who the couple is?

"Pay no attention to my husband; he's very new to the whole gay thing --"

“Pay no attention to my husband; he’s very new to the whole gay thing –“

RT: Haha! Will Donnie get a turn with EVERYONE this season?

CF:  I think Donnie is gonna be very popular with everyone.  🙂

Inside the clinic Donnie is over playing being gay so Felix tells him to stop being gay and just be gay. Amateurs. After the paper signing and discussion about who’s going to be the lucky father, it’s time to give the sperm samples, so they’re shown to some nice rooms—only Donnie, who is supposed to be gay, is given gay porn so he can get off, and that’s just not gonna prime the pump. Before he seals himself up in the room he sees someone Alison and he know, and once inside the oh, so quiet room he calls Alison and tells her that he’s seen Portia, and she’s pregnant—which is impossible, because she was supposed to be infertile as well.

But fuck all that, Donnie now gets to the real point of the call: he needs a little . . . help. Alison asks if he needs to masturbate, and not only does he, but could Alison, you know, talk dirty to him. And pretend she’s an Italian air hostess and they’re on a flight? So that’s what Alison does: she slipped into a phony accent and begins to get stern with her passenger, and Donnie is telling her he’s got two spicy meatballs for her, and this was a little slice of the Hendrix household we did not need to see! While at the same time it’s such a fucking train wreck that you can’t stop watching Donnie skin the eel while Alison is talking dirty to him in Italian . . . Yes, this is an immensely serious show about clones—

RT: Just when you thought Allson and Donnie’s relationship couldn’t get any more whack-a-doodle…

CF:  Kristian did warn people a couple of weeks back that we’d see something that would rival their “Money Dance” from last season, and now we know what that was.  I don’t know if I want to see where this goes next . . .

Oh, sooooo serious.

It’s sooooo serious.

Scott and Cosima have the bot out and they’re checking it out. There’s a lot of science talk, but in the end they can’t figure out how it’s even working.

Rachel is looking over medical records with Ira (Ari Millen). They’re Charlotte’s (Cynthia Galant), and we find out the girl doesn’t know he’s having issues. He says Charlotte has something that one of the other clones had, something terminal. She’s dying.

M.K. is on her computer looking for Susan and discovers information on Ferdinand instead. She’s a smart girl and it clicked: he’s Sarah’s source.

Sarah’s at Beth’s looking for M.K.. No sounds, no words. The phone rings. Mika is freaking out because she knows she’s talking to Ferdinand, and he’s Topside. No fucking way she’s dealing with them and because of that she won’t deal with Sarah. Hang up: bye.

The woman Alison knows, Portia, is in the garage, and they just “happen” to “run into each other.” They talk and Portia talks about being pregnant. Alison is trying to get her to open up, but when Portia goes all chill on her Allie hits Flowing Tears Highway about wanting a baby. Portia can’t say now, and tells Allie to see Doctor Bosch and asked for a Bright Born Treatment.

Fee and Donnie do just that, and during their conversation with Doctor Bosch they ask about the Bright Born Treatments. They’ve heard great things about them from a satisfied couple, and they’d like the same. Hold on: I’ll get that for you.

Sarah goes back to Dizzy’s and asks for help finding M.K.. He’s had enough of this shit and wants to know what’s going on ‘cause reasons, so talk or leave. Sarah says the magic word: clones. He’s getting most of the Clone Club story, and it’s a bit of a freak out: he’s not sure if he believes her, but it’s a great story. He’s met with M.K. three times, but she’s had three different sets of plates on her car each time, and they’re inactive. They figure she’s got access to a scrap yard, because that’s how she’s getting the tags.

We cut to Helena outside with her canister of the eggs, and it turns out she’s having a funeral for the eggs as there is no more liquid nitrogen inside and the eggs are dead.  There’s soft music playing as she tells “her babies” that when she has the other babies she’ll tell them stories of their time together, and they’ll remember all the babies that could have been.  She puts the canister in a hole, covers it with a plant—then looks around, says goodbye to Family Hendrix, and leaves with her backpack and bedroll.  Goddamn Alison, this is all your fault!

CF:  I won’t lie, I was nearly in tears at this point.  If I hadn’t been taking notes, I likely would have cried.

RT: It’s okay Cassidy, I cried enough for the both of us 😦

Sarah and Dizzy find a trailer in a junk yard and break in, but before Sarah goes through the door, Dizzy finds a pressure plate bomb under a door mat  They get inside without getting blown up.  Sarah’s looking for info on Susan.  Dizzy is trying to hack around a computer password.

Susan (Rosemary Dunsmore) shows up and comments on how she likes the progress on Rachel’s eye. Rachel asks Charlotte, who is now there, how she’s feeling and passes another message. After the girl leaves Susan and Rachel discussion Charlotte’s condition, and Susan asked the questions: should they treat her and learn nothing about what’s happening to her, or let her die so they can use the data to find a cure. Susan leaves the thought with Rachel . . .

RT: I think some people on this show get confused with the term “clone”. It doesn’t mean they are a robot-like human that is not really human that they can test away on because thy can just make more. They are thinking breathing, being humans.

CF:  Rachel’s also been trained to be analytical like her mommy and daddy, and you can see right here that Susan Duncan–I almost called her “Cuntcan”–is playing on that part of Rachel’s personality.  You can see Susan fully expects her “daughter” to take after her.

Sarah is looking all through M.K.’s place and finds another laptop. There’s more images of M.K. and the other clone. Dizzy’s in the main system, and discovers that while they may have been looking for Susan, but M.K. was really tracking Sarah.

Ferdinand is still trying to work Mrs. S about the information. S gets a call from Sarah. Ferdinand is to meet Sarah at Beth’s.

Scott is flicking on and off lights and he’s found something: bioluminescence. Cosima grows interested in this—

Ferdinand is at Beth’s and finds Sarah speaking from a computer—but it’s really M.K.. She’s offering info on Susan and Rachel, and the moment Ferdinand discovers that the chair is booby trapped. M.K. walks in and she reveals herself. Hello, Ferdinand. She lights a candle. Ferdinand wants to know who she is; she doesn’t say, but she does know him. She feeds him his life story. He’s a killer from the SAS, big assassin for Topside. He’s not happy.

And Mika's not looking happy, either.

And Mika’s not looking happy, either.

Sarah and Dizzy are checking the data but they can’t find a damn thing on Susan. Sarah finds something different, however: a news clipping about an accident. It’s written in a strange language. Maybe—Finnish?

That’s a pretty good guess, because Ferdinand makes the connections: M.K. is from Helsinki. And that’s when we get the Reveal of the Evening: M.K., aka Mika, is really Veera Suominen, and we know this because of the scaring on the right side of her face—

And who the hell is Veera Suominen? Ask Rachel: she’s met her.

That annoying moment when you meet your clone and figure you may have to kill her one day.

That annoying moment when you meet your clone and figure you may have to kill her one day.

Veera Suominen was introduced in Series 1 of the Orphan Black comic, The Clone Club, released last year by IDW Publishing. The comics fill in some back story on the main clones, and Veera showed up in Issue #5, Rachel, the last issue of that series. Not only do we see Rachel meeting Veera, but we believe she was killed in the same fire that “killed” Rachel’s parents. By the end of the issue Rachel is taking her position with Dyad and Topside, and she’s the one who gives the order to kill the Helsinki clones, leading to the last page of the issue . . .

Maybe you should have made a better impression on the Ice Queen, Veera.

Maybe you should have made a better impression on the Ice Queen, Veera.

Veera obviously gets away, and in Series 2 of Orphan Black, Helsinki, we discover the clones she met there and the events that led up to their deaths.  And we also get to meet the clone we saw at the beginning of the episode, Niki:

This is not one of their better moments, I'm sure. Who wants to be hit up for money by--yourself?

This is not one of their better moments. I mean, who wants to be hit up for money by–yourself?

Niki was M.K.’s friend, and Veera is pissed.

CF:  The funny thing is I was reading The Clone Club just a few nights before and wondered about Veera.  I just didn’t make the connection until about half way through the episode.

Meanwhile Sarah knows what M.K. is going to do, and calls Mrs. S to confirm. Sarah takes off in Dizzy’s car as she’s getting a call from Cosima. She’s ripping ass to Beth’s while Cosima lays out what may not be good news: she thinks the bot in Sarah’s jaw is performing some kind of gene therapy on her, maybe even changing her DNA. Fabulous! Gotta call you back ‘cause I’m stopping another murderous clone of ours. Peace out.

Ferdinand knows that M.K. wants revenge. He could kill them both by standing up, but he won’t, probably because, as M.K. admits, she knows where Rachel is. Veera/M.K. is pouring gas all over everything:  she’s gonna torch the place—just as Sarah storms in.

"Being from Finland, I know all about saunas and heat--"

“Being from Finland, I know all about saunas and heat–“

She know about what happened at Helsinki, and knows the shit that Veera—who refuses to answer to that name, only Mika at best—has been through. Sarah won’t allow her to kill Ferdinand. Sarah is pleading with Veera. Ferdinand says he can help; he has money. Veera knows because she’s hacked his account—but I could use the password. She forces it from him and rips him off. Vera’s now leaving and Sarah is losing her shit. She appeals for help, saying they need her. Veera pisses off.

Last Mrs. S is at Beth’s trying to figure out how to disarm the bomb. She’s going to cut a wire and leave, and while Ferdinand is chatting S up about taking her time she cuts the wire and she and Sarah split, but not before Sarah tells Ferdinand they’re square. He braces himself and stands: no boom today. Maybe boom tomorrow? We’ll see.

Susan and Rachel meet about Charlotte’s treatment. Rachel doesn’t think treatment will save her, so it’s best to let her die and pour over the data they retrieve. Susan is leaving and returns the message Rachel passed to Charlotte, fully aware of what’s happening, and lets her know she’s aware she contacted Ferdinand. She also applauds Rachel on making the right choice about Charlotte: after all, sometimes you gotta make the hard choices.

RT: As I said before, some people just don’t get that the clones are human, some of those people are actually clones themselves 😦

CF:  Susan is really mind fucking Rachel as well, because in the previous episode she told Rachel that Charlotte was cloned from her.  Essentially, Rachel’s giving the green light for her own daughter’s death.  That’s some ice cold shit right there.

Back at the safe house Fee and Cosima are going over the Bright Born Tech stuff. They’re running a CD and—hey, it’s Ms. Evie Cho, and apparently she’s running this place. Evie says they’re the best at what they do, and their goal in life is improving people, one baby at a time . . .

Maybe with clones?

"Ha ha, bitches. You were told to keep an eye on me, remember?"

“Ha ha, bitches. You were told to keep an eye on me, remember?”

And that brings us to the conclusion of the fourth episode of Orphan Black. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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