Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 4, “Blood in the Streets”

FTWD S2 E4 Strand

We are mid-way through the first half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, and that means it’s time for Episode 4:


Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness


It’s night and we’re up on shore. There’s someone swimming in: it’s Nick (Frank Dillane), with his clothing in a bag tied to his leg, as he’s swimming naked. A helicopter flies over, and there’s lights off in the distance. He dresses quickly and locates a survivor’s tent city, though there isn’t anyone surviving from the looks of things. The tents are abandoned, some torn all to hell. A zombie with a bite on his leg wanders into view and Nick starts making noise, banging on a plastic container. He gets the zombie’s attention, begins screwing with it. Finds a tent and goes inside, leaving the main door open but the netting door zipped in place. The zombie hits the screen and tried to get in, but can’t. Turns out it’s a ploy for Nick to kill the zombie so he can gut his ass. Nick starts cutting Mr. Infected Camper up and begins getting the blood and entrails on him. Nick emerges from the tent, his zombie game in place, and he’s ready to walk with the dead.

CF: The only thing I have to say about this scene is that for a recently recovered heroin addict, Nick has got some serious swimming skills. Normally a guy who’s just off the smack wagon is so weak they can hardly wipe their ass after a shit.

RT: I, too, had been wondering about Nick’s addiction. Shouldn’t he still be having withdrawals? Also, I was gagging along with Nick as he was gutting Mr. Infected Camper. A nice reminder too, for the audience, of just how fresh the infected still are.

CF:  That was truly a nasty scene, and I will say Frank plays the part of Zombie Infiltrator well.  Given some of the joints where he’s crashed, blood, guts, and shit aren’t all that new to him, so it plays right that he’s not all that squeamish about getting his hands dirty so he can walk with the dead.  Humm . . . The Walking Dead.  That would make a great title for a story!

On the boat Travis (Cliff Curtis) is down in their bedroom with Madison (Kim Dickens) having a discussion. He’s pissed about what Strand (Colman Domingo) did to Alex and is seriously considering throwing his ass into the goddamn ocean. Madison says they needed him. Travis feels like he’s responsible for what happen, and he doesn’t want to gamble on this place in Mexico. Madison is tired of leaving people behind. I think we’ve been here before—

RT: Yeah, this has been done before. While, in The Walking Dead, AMC could afford this back and forth, in Fear, they need to remember this group needs to be on a crash course to a Ricktatorship. Those who meander need to be culled. The audience is getting bored already with how naive these characters are.

CF:  This is also about the third time Travis and Madison have had this conversation, too.  And given what happens in this episode, probably the last.

Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) is on deck speaking with Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). He can’t sleep because he’s still dealing with his mother’s death. He asks if she’s ever been to Mexico, but nope, never happen, she’s not been back home to El Salvador, either. Chris wants to know about her, about her relationships. She has some, but she doesn’t say much more, though she admits she made some bad decisions while she was at Catholic school. He was seeing a girl, too, but that was before he moved back to L.A. She tells Chris there are still girls left on this planet so he shouldn’t worry. There you go, Chris: you’ve just been friend zoned during the zombie apocalypse.

RT: But this works for Alicia… why shouldn’t it work for Chris too?

CF:  You’re right; I’m probably giving Chris way too much shit because all he’s done since about the episode Cobalt is mope all over hell and gone.  In real life I’d probably have been a lot worse.

Also, as we said when chatting earlier, I do hope that those “bad decisions” Ofelia had at school aren’t the, “Oh, and I slept with a girl” type, ’cause we know where that’s gonna lead

A raft comes up with three people shouting for help. There’s a girl with them: she’s pregnant and blood is running down her legs. They say they’ve been drifting for a while, that they lost their boat. Alicia hears the voices; so does Strand. He goes for the SMG. There’s no clip. Thank you, Daniel (Ruben Blades).

Madison has the girl down below, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) wants to know who she is, what’s going on. She’s listening, acting a bit spooky. She recognizes the voice: it’s Jack (Daniel Zovatto). It’s a hijacking. The boat is quickly taken and the guy in charge, Reed (Jesse McCartney), says that Chris should have shot them. Jack tells Alicia to help bind people. Daniel wants to know now they know everyone; Alicia says she didn’t tell Jack everyone’s name. Strand tries to get away in a raft: Reed shoots it and leaves him to swim for his life.

That moment when you realize you should have listened to the recapper, who keeps saying things will come back to bite you on the ass.

That moment when you realize you should have listened to the recapper, who keeps saying stupid things will eventually come back to bite you on the ass.

RT: And the caption on the image above says it all. It’s time to stop being a damsel in distress Alicia. Here, have some concrete and harden the fuck up, love.

CF:  I have to give Alycia Debnam-Carey credit, though:  she played the “Oh, what the fuck did I do?” moment rather well.  That look on her face is the one of someone who knows she just fucked the whole family with her bullshit, and how is it gonna come back on her later.  And yes:  harden up, love.  The world belongs to the dead now, not emo teens.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is on TV. It’s 2005 and we’re having a flashback. Strand is at a nice bar speaking with another guy about their families. The other dude is checking out Strand’s tie. They’re drinking whiskey and enjoy each other’s company. There’s blood in streets, the other guy says: time to take advantage. Strand points at the TV and says he’s bankrupt: all of his proper investments are in New Orleans and currently under water, so he’s starting over. And there you have it: Strand is a land speculator. Just another hustler.

The other guy has to do stuff as well: he’s obligated to his company and father. There is a total vibe going on between these two. Strand takes the guy back to his room and gets his shoes off ‘cause the dude is wasted. Strand leaves a bottle of water on the night stand to re-hydrate. Gets him out of his jacket, lets him sleep it off. He decides before he goes to check out his wallet, license, credit card. The dude isn’t that passed out and says he might not remember being rolled.

Back in the present Strand’s raft is going down and he’s trying to dry out his phone, though for what probably isn’t known—yet.

Reed wants to know where the key to the boat is: Alicia tells him the guy in the raft had the key. Reed beats on Chris and puts a gun to his head ‘cause he wants the keys. Travis says he can start the boat without the keys, so Reed doesn’t shoot Chris.

RT: This might be Travis’ only saving grace during the whole zombie apocalypse. otherwise I would call him a dead man walking.

CF:  People with skills are going to always be valuable in a disaster, and given that Travis knows his way around equipment means he has value.  Or he’ll make a good slave.  Depends on the people he falls in with.

CF: Reed, as noted, is played by Jesse McCartney, who is known for recording the following in 2004:

This is the look of a guy who is gonna totally snap when the zombies come for you.

This is the look of a guy who is gonna totally snap when the zombies come for him.

Which is probably why he’s like this now:

"I don't do fucking requests!"

“I don’t do fucking requests!”

RT: Oh wow! I did not know that about the actor playing Reed. His character totally makes sense now.

CF:  Apparently a lot of female fans were freaking out on Twitter Sunday night when they realized it was him.  Some of the tweets were hilarious.  One even called out Game of Thrones for their lack of pop idols.

The girl comes up with Madison. The later wants to know where Nick is; Daniel doesn’t know, but maybe Strand did? Alicia is trying to make the situation better by going down below with Jack to use the radio, and there he loosens her bonds. She’s pissed at him and he tells her that things are going to do thing, bring a little order. Alecia wants to know what’s going to happen to her family: Jack says Connor, the guy running the other boat, listens to him.

Nick is wandering the shore, looking for an address. It’s inside a fenced-off area, and once inside he plays zombie in order to get past a zombie. Zombie girl doesn’t give a shit: Nick walks on.

"And I thought living girls had attitude."

“And I thought living girls had attitude.”

Back in the past Strand is in his hotel room walking about in a robe when there’s a knock at his door. It’s the dude from the bar, Thomas Abigail (Dougray Scott), and he shows up with his personal assistant, Luis (Arturo Del Puerto). He’s there to discuss the charges Strand ran up on his stolen credit cards; turns out Strand rolled up $36,000 in charges, most of which was a $30,000 cash withdrawal. He bought some clothes with the credit and property with the cash. Strand tells him he’ll pay Abigail back, with interest; Thomas tells Strand he thinks he could do better, and that he’ll be at the bar. Strand thanks him for the pardon; Thomas remind him it isn’t a pardon.

Travis is doing his best to hot wire the boat, but it’s taking time. Reed wonders if he’s being played; Travis says he has to override the computers from down in the engine room.

Madison is trying to come up with a plan; Daniel is trying to get loose. Reed begins giving Chris shit about doing his sister; Ofelia knows Jack is playing him. Madison then decides if these clowns are gonna be assholes, she can show them how it’s done, and she starts chatting up the pregnant girl so Daniel can work on getting loose.

Travis and Reed are in the hold as Travis is trying to figure shit out. He slips a crowbar up his sleeve. Elsewhere down below Jack in on the radio to Connor, says things are good, and chats up Alicia. She wants to know what, from their first conversation, was true. He tells it most was. He did have a girlfriend and they were together for three years—her name was Allison. He says he owes Connor, that it’s necessary. She wants to know how many people came before, how many are still alive. She thinks that maybe they found each other for a reason. She doesn’t want to abandon her family, and she can help him on his boat if he’ll protect her family. Really feelings like she’s playing him, but Jack doesn’t feel it and cuts her loose. He trusts her; she hugs him.

RT: Because it was destiny that caused the zombie apocalypse and brought them together. Not Alicia being a dumbarse… *rolls eyes*



CF:  It was love at first wrist biding.  If Alicia’s smart, she’ll take lessons from her brother on how to play the fuck out of people.  And how not to be a dumbass.

Nick is playing with a basketball, finds the address.  Looks around, doesn’t see anything.  Knocks on the door.  Guy comes up on him from behind with a gun.  Nick is nearly losing his shit to keep from getting shot.  He’s like, Strand sent me.  See?  I have Abigail’s address.  Turns out the dude is Luis, and he’s been hanging out waiting for Strand.  We find out that this was a gated community that Abigail was building, but there’s no point in staying here now.  Luis is also is pissed about Bloody Nick touching his car.

CF:  And this is exactly how I felt about this:



Like, what the fuck, dude?


Madison and Daniel are almost loose. Maddie rolls into Asshole Mode and tells the girl that having a drink is probably okay for now—and, oh, when’s the last time you felt the kid move? Madison starts pushing that button that the kid is probably dead and that it’s turning right now—you know, the old “You got a zombie baby in your belly and it’s gonna eat it’s way out of you!” crap. Never mind that the baby doesn’t have teeth, but it’s getting a nice rise out of out of the girl. Travis and Reed show up, and Travis has his crowbar ready. He leaves it while Reed continues giving Chris shit.

RT: This is seriously my fave part of the episode. Man, can Maddie talk smack or what?!

CF:  Maddie was getting brutal.  “You know, it’s gonna be a shame watching that kid claw it’s way out of your belly.”  Really, don’t fuck with Madison.  She’s gonna be stabbin’ bitches left and right after this episode.

Nick and Luis are down to the beach. They find the boat, and Luis is going on about how his family works for Abigail—

Flashback: Louise’s mom is getting drinks for Strand and Abigail as they relax poolside. Strand wants to talk business about a land parcel; Thomas wants to relax. There’s hand holding over drinks. I guess all those rumors floating around the Internet last week were true.

"This is really the life." "Yeah, hope nothing like the dead coming back to life ruin it."

“This is really the life.” “Yeah, hope nothing like the dead coming back to life ruins it.”

Travis is doing the hot wire while Reed is getting shook up. He wants the engines going now. Travis does his magic: there goes the engines.

Connor shows up with a couple of goons in tow. After a quick chat with Reed he figures to take Travis and Alicia with them, and leave the rest because they’re worthless. Both are black bagged and taken, Jack and the pregnant girl leaving with them. Reed stays with a couple of people and has a drink while Daniel is just about free. Reed is STILL talking shit and drinking. Nick and Luis show up in the Zodiac from shore and Luis shoots the two bodyguards while Reed loses his gun to Daniel and gets stabbed by Madison, who by now is 900% sick of this punk’s shit.

FTWD S2 E4 Taking Back the Boat

Strand is going up to L.A.. It must be right before the outbreaks because there’s talk of crazy stuff going on, riots breaking out here and there. Thomas doesn’t want him to go. They kiss.

It’s the present and Strand is almost under.  There’s a motor:  it’s Madison in the Zodiac.  She holds out a hand and saves Strand.

Though this is the look of a woman who is gonna want something for that rescue.

Though this is the look of a woman who is gonna want something for that rescue.


There you have it: with just three episodes of Fear the Walking Dead remaining, we learn that, yes, the living are the problem.  Let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below!

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