Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2, “We All Fall Down”

FTWD S2 E2 Travis and George

It’s time for Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, and hang on, ‘cause this is gonna be a dark ride.


“Never get out of the boat.” Absolutely goddamn right. Unless you were goin’ all the way . . .


Watching the surf as the sun goes down. A ship is burning and there’s bodies in the saves. There’s also children on the beach as a zombie rises up out of the waves. The kids are getting shells as another zombie rises out of the water. The kids don’t notice. The zombies move towards the kids and eventually run face-fire into a fence. Being nice, the kids brings shells to the zombies, and we see there’s a huge section of the beach fenced off.

Look at the seashells, zombies. Just look at the seashells.

Look at the seashells, zombies. Just look at the seashells.

Back on the boat with Strand (Colman Domingo) is on the bridge and Madison (Kim Dickens) below deck bitching out Nick (Frank Dillane) for the boat thing. Travis (Cliff Curtis) shows with the log and Maddie and he head up top. The log indicates they have a problem, a big fucking problem: San Diego was burnt to the ground just like Los Angeles, with the log indicated the military torched it bad. Strand now wants to know what sunk that boat they encountered: Daniel (Ruben Blades) thinks was probably a military grade .50, and maybe the boat it’s mounted on is the same. Strand knows Abigail can’t outrun these other bastards so he wants to hide. There a nearby island with a cove near a ranger station. If they get in there they’ll get lost in the shore clutter and radar won’t see them.

Travis speaks with Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), or tries to. He tells him they’re running to the cove. Travis says it’ll be safer, Chris is like how do you know. Mopey ass teen is being mopey.

RT: I really think this boat has too many teenagers on it. Strand needs to harden the fuck up some more and throw at least a couple overboard.

CF:  Really, it’s only been like three days since Lisa died, so in a way I can understand Chris being moody.  Alicia started the show moody, so there’s no surprise there.  And lets not forget we’ve put up with seasons of this shit from Carl Grimes, and will likely put up with more in time.  But, yeah:  Strand, moody teens:  someone’s gotta get the fuck out.

Night and it’s pitch dark. Watching the island Madison sees a light flash on, and it’s coming from a house. They tie up at a dock; Daniel says his daughter and he will stay on the boat while the others investigate the house, probably because he’s worried Strand will split on them.

RT: Is this really such a bad thing Daniel? Like I just said, there are just too many teens clogging the story line at the moment. Perhaps wait until Madison and Nick boards though…

CF:  I’m thinking Strand would have likely killed Daniel in his sleep by now if he knew the truth about him.

On shore everything’s quite, but Travis calls out because why the fuck not, right? He say he knows people are home and he just wants info. He says they need help. The door opens and out comes the young boy from the teaser, followed an man and woman. He’s guarded, but Travis tries to be friendly. The dude’s name is George Geary (David Warshofsky). Travis says you have nothing to fear from us. Thanks for that, Travis.

Inside the house Travis is looking at the George’s art. George gives him a beer and they chat. George tells him to take a book, it’s not that big a deal, and anyway: it’s not like any new ones are getting written. He can tell everyone’s from LA because they got that “big city” air about them. George gives Travis the bad news: the military is bombing every city on the West Coast with napalm. San Diego, LA, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver—it’s all gone. In speaking with other park rangers he’s heard most of everything the western side of the Continental Divide go dark. There’s nothing out there: the whole damn country is either down or bombed.

RT: I like how AMC are letting out more information than in the first season of The Walking Dead. It really nice to learn a little more about the world outside of the character pool.

CF:  And you finally get to see why a city like Atlanta is still standing:  a lot of the cities in the east are Command and Control centers, so you do what you can to wipe out the zombies but still keep the city intact.  The west coast:  fuck it.  Burn it to the ground.  They probably buttoned up the bases in San Diego and torched everything else, and while I don’t remember hearing much about San Fran, my guess would be they did the same there.  There’s a major sub base across from Seattle, so they knew they could burn the city down and it wouldn’t affect them.  I’m guessing places like Edwards Air Force Base and Area 51 are perhaps still functioning because they started nuking the infected right away, and those places are remote and, for now, safe.  Though if Joshua Tree is “dark”, it’s likely they Palms Spring and those cities as well   Nothing’s looking good.

Madison is off speaking with George’s wife, Melissa (Catherine Dent). They talk about kids and work. The wife says that she thinks Madison doesn’t like young kids ‘cause all her work was with teens. The oldest son Seth (Jake Austin Walker) shows with a rifle slung on his shoulder. Madison wants more wine.

Daniel and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) are back on the boat. She wants to know if they’re staying: he says it’s temporary. She wants to know where they’re going: he wants to know if she’s taken her antibiotics. Whole lot of no answering going on here. She says she’s understanding the world now, and it helps her understand Daniel—it’s because the world is cruel. Boom, there’s you go.

RT: Oh, the burn…

walking dead burn meme

[Image via AMC]

CF:  You noticed Daniel gave zero fucks about that call out.  The man already knows.  😉

Back at the Geary House Alicia is getting faced on wine as the little girl, Willa (Aria Lyric Leabu) wants to know what posies are. Alicia tells the girl the meaning of Ring Around the Rosie, which is supposed to be about the black death and is just the sort of shit you tell a little girl, Alicia. Nick wants to check out the room of the young boy, Harry (twins Jeremiah and Maverick Clayton), and and asks if Chris wants to come. No, he doesn’t, ‘cause he’s still fucking mopping.

RT: Wait? There’s a little girl? On Fear The Walking Dead? What could possibly go wrong?

CF:  We already know where this is going . . .

Nick likes the boy’s room: there’s all kinds of dolls there, though all have a red dot in the forehead, which, Harry says, it what his dad told him you have to do when someone turns. The kids then says he has power pills and will help him and keep the family together. Nick looks less than thrilled with this news.

Strand is on the bridge checking out screens and he’s dead-ass tired. He doesn’t want to stay in one place for too long, though, and Daniel wants to know where he’s going. Daniel thinks Strand was going to leave people behind, and Strand takes some exception to this. He doesn’t, however, fight the assertion hard.

George is talking about the end of the world.  He says the world couldn’t sustain itself, so it took everyone out.  Nature wins, which Travis knows well.  George says something about how he figured “your people”—meaning Travis—would know about what to do when things go to hell, and Travis is like, “Say what?”  George says he knows that Travis is Maori, and he knows about their culture, how Travis’ people work with nature to keep people together.  George feels lucky because he’s found friends.  Travis feels fortunate because finally Cliff Curtis can finally play a character of his own ethnicity.

RT: I am surprised but glad AMC decided not to lump him in the Latino basket.

CF:  I will admit I figured Travis was Latino all Season 1.  I’m glad AMC went this way with his character.

Travis fills Madison in on what’s going down, Madison talks about getting grilled by Melissa.  Madison thinks Melissa wants off the island because she’s pretty sure Mel flipped on the light, and not by accident, either.

Nick and Alicia chat on Abigail’s stern, and Nick says it’s cool that with civilization gone he can actually see the stars.  Alicia can’t sleep because of the wine, while Nick is totally philosophical about what the young kids are gonna see now.  Nick tell his sister that this isn’t The Rapture, yet he feels something’s off.  Alicia says it’s off everywhere.

"I didn't believe I could get this deep without a head full of junk."

“I didn’t believe I could get this deep without a head full of junk.”

Morning on the island and Chris is checking out the station and wandering around an old lighthouse. He’s looking at the houses and sees Seth with a pickax.  The older boy says he’s got chores and heads for the zombie fence; he mentions they’re coming ashore from ships from the mainland that have gone down, and there’s new ones showing every day. He asks Chris if he wants to take a turn playing Wack-a-Walker.

"Maybe a little skull-thumping is what I need right now."

“Maybe a little skull-thumping is what I need right now.”

Travis is back on the boat and asks Nick if he’s seen Chris.  Travis looks panicked, Nick doesn’t gives a shit.

RT: See? Even Nick agrees with my zombie apocalypse teen cull 😉

CF:  In the old world Nick would play Chris like a grand piano.  If it ever comes down to Nick and Chris being on their own and having to get away from zombies, Chris better hope for the best, ’cause I could see Nick going Full Shane on the kid.

Travis is back on the boat and asks Nick if he’s seen Chris. Travis looks panicked, Nick doesn’t gives a shit. Meanwhile, Chris is getting the hang of killing zombies. Seth says he’s been getting ready for the end for a long time, and like the rest of his family he’s self-reliant. Travis comes up and sees this happening. There’s one coming closer to the fence and Chris wants to take it out. Seth tells Travis that the kid is a natural. Travis wants Chris to leave; the kid wants to kill zombies. Travis is not happy. Travis doesn’t like the zombie bodies.

"You know what they say, Dad: after the first dozen, the next few hundred come easy."

“You know what they say, Dad: after the first dozen, the next few hundred come easy.”

On shore Travis and George speak.  They talk about the zombies on the fence.  Travis is really bothered and he didn’t like Chris swinging a pickax on dead heads.  George tells him this is how we manage.  We do it.  We have to.  Let’s go for a ride.  They’re head to another part of the island where they’re putting up fence.  There’s a weekender village across the cove, and George doesn’t want the zombies there to know there are people alive on these end.  Travis wonders why George is “giving up” on the world; George gives him a what the fuck look and states that he’s just mending the fence.

RT: I really wish that Travis would stick with his season 1 finale hard-arsed motherfucker stance rather than slinking back to his spineless hippy love, let’s hold hands and love the world back to the way it was bullshit.

CF:  I don’t get this backslide.  You just watched LA burn to the fucking ground, Travis, and all those people you left behind are dead.  Fucking deal and get with the program.

Alicia is wandering around the ranger station listening to music, being a moody teen again.  She finds a bird watches list and she makes that circular tattoo mark that Matt was going to give her on the list.  (By the way, the song Alicia is listening to at this point is Coxcomb Red by Ohia, and you hear the lyric, “Every love is your best love and every love is your last love .”  We know what this means, don’t we?)

"At least every nearly everyone dead it won't take long to work though the scum."

“At least every nearly everyone dead it won’t take long to work though the scum.”

Junkie Nick looking for drugs. I know, right? He’s looking though all the shit and, like a fucking drug sniffing dog, finds a hollowed out globe with pills in them. Score! But he’d giving it a real strange look . . . Just then Willa come in and wants Nick to draw with her, so they split.

Strand and Daniel on the bridge. Strand says Daniel is hovering over his ass like the specter of death—well, it is Daniel, and Strand doesn’t know about that zombie whispering shit he did. The other boat is gone. Strand’s had enough: they sail with the tide.

RT: So this was just an exercise to show the audience how other people are coping rather than Strand actually wanting to evade the big bad ship he seemed so scared of in episode 1?

CF:  Part of it is “let’s see how the others are doing,” and part of it is Strand trying something in order to hide.  Given what he does later in the episode, I can see why he doesn’t want to be followed.

Madison and Melissa are working in the garden, picking peppers.  Madison says they know where not to go now, but they’re leaving soon.  Madison pulls the trigger, wants to know if the light coming on was a mistake.  Mel says it was habit; Madison smells bullshit.  Mel admits she saw them and is worried about her kids ‘cause she wants them to have a chance, and they won’t get it here.  Madison thought the island was safe; Mel tells her they’re just waiting shit out.  Time for the big one:  Mel has MS, and knows she’s going to die soon.  Seth believes everything his father does, and will stay here to the end.  She knows death is near without civilization around, but the kids—they still have a shot.

This is the part of the zombie apocalypse we never heard before--

This is the part of the zombie apocalypse we never heard before–

Madison is with Travis making the argument about taking the small kids.  Travis can’t make that call just because their mother wants them to go:  Madison says they have to save them, and she’s tired of leaving people behind.  Travis makes a decision:  He’ll talk to George.

Daniel’s not just examining the bridge, he’s tossing it looking for shit.  He finds a locked box:  out comes the knife, lick picking achievement activated—it opens.  Here’s what he was looking for:  Strand’s real stash.  There’s maps of Baja Mexico and a H&K machine-gun.  Strand, aka Boat Dick, is now made by the one guy you don’t want making you.

Speaking of Strand he’s on the a phone talking to someone.  He says they’re coming:  wait—that’s “I’ll be there.” That doesn’t sound too ominous.

CF:  I just realized:  are the mobile phones working?  How the hell did he get this call?

Nick shows up on the boat and wants to chat privately with Madison and Travis. He’s bothered, and what he says is, quote: “I think this asshole is planning on Jonestowning his whole family.” Travis wants to know how he knows, and Nick tells him about the pills in the globe. Don’t argue with a junkie, Trav: Nick know his drugs, he knows his pills, and he knows drug users. None of what he’s seen screams “Party!”; it’s more like, “It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and We’re Going Quietly.”

"Any other time they wanna know all about the shit I'm on, but this time--"

“Any other time they wanna know about all the shit I’m on, but this time–“

Back on the island Madison, Travis, and Nick are waiting as Mel brings down the kid’s stuff. Not a happy time as Mel knows she’s not going to see the kids ever again. George shows up and Mel lets him know they have to send the kids with the boat, they can’t stay here. Right then Harry comes down the stairs and says something’s wrong with Willa. And, yeah, there is:

FTWD S2 E2 Willa Death

She took her power pills and is Jonestown down and out. She’s dead. Mel is crying and holding her baby. Madison is telling her to let Willa go, but Mel’s not listening. Wait for it—



The girl opens her eyes, fully turned. Willa gives Mommy the cold blue stare right before she lunges up and rips out her throat.

"Little zombie girls unite! Fuck Rick Grimes!"

“Little zombie girls unite! Fuck Rick Grimes, I’m gettin’ mine!”

George yells to take Harry and go.

CF:  It was stated on Talking Dead that the cast and crew were worried that Aria Lyric Leabu, who played Willa, would have trouble getting this scene right.  Kim Dickens stated that she did it on one take, and said later that she just thought about what her dog would do with a toy and did that.  Method Acting!

Daniel is casting off as Madison and Travis come running with Harry. Inside, though, Strand is pissed. No fucking way they’re taking another mouth—he’s like, dump the kid. Madison digs in: she’s not giving him up. Seth shows with his rifle and says he’s taking Harry back. They try talking him out of it, but he’s not listening: he’s done drank the Kool-aid and he’s not listening. Daniel wants to shoot him, but Madison finally says let him go. Harry’s going with his brother.

The kids are on the pier and Melissa’s coming their way, totally turned. Alicia ask Daniel if he’s going to do something; he says the kid has a rifle, which is about as fucking ice cold as he’s ever been to anyone.

Seth tells Harry to keep waving at the boat and don’t look at mom. As the Abigail pulls away everyone is watching, a few waving, none happy. There’s a gunshot. Zombie Mel is dead. Seth is with his brother.  Things are about as good as they’re gonna get in the zombie apocalypse.

And this is why you stay on the goddamn boat.

RT: While this episode was hopelessly sad, it is a grim reminder of just how much was glossed over thanks to Rick’s coma in The Walking Dead. We have always gotten glimpses of horrible outcomes but it is just so much sadder now we finally get to witness it firsthand. However, I did find it really depressing that a family like George’s couldn’t make it in the zombie apocalypse when a dumbarse like Travis can.

CF:  Travis has the Luck of the Gods on his side.  Also, Madison and Daniel haven’t decided to kill him–yet.  🙂


There we are, the happy-time Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.  Let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below!


4 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2, “We All Fall Down”

  1. My favourites in this series are Strand (not that I would trust him) and Nick. It seems that Nick is well suited for this world, and his character seems to be the most fleshed out, even if he did start out as a seeming stereotype.

    For a series I was wary of at first (could it really compete with TWD?), I am liking each new episode more and more. This one was especially killer.


    • Nick is the best, for sure. He knows his stuff, and he’s lived in the underground, so he knows his way around. As I’ve told Rachel, Strand has walked the same path as Nick, only from the *other* side. He’s probably one of those dudes in the music industry who can “get things” for people. Or, I should say, was.


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