The Snarking Dead Gets Syndication

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Just when you thought The Snarking Dead couldn’t get any more awesome, what with it’s recaps of all your fave TV shows, it goes and gets itself syndicated!

That’s right, new pop culture site, Pop Culture Tragic has picked up The Snarking Dead’s recaps of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

So what does that mean? Basically, you can still view all your fave TV recaps here at The Snarking Dead. But, for us working behind the scenes, it means we get more exposure thanks to the fanbase over at Pop Culture Tragic.

So who exactly is Pop Culture Tragic? Here’s all the deets:

About Us

The editors and contributors to this site are primarily fans. Of all sorts of stuff. We get excited and geek out about new and cool things, life hacks and adorable animals just like you. Our aim is to make Pop Culture Tragic a go-to destination about all the things you love.

Managing Editor – Sarah Billington


Sarah is a young adult fiction author, has written for Expedia, Girlfriend Magazine, Buzzfeed, MoviePilot, Monash University and more, and has worked in three different departments of Lonely Planet in Melbourne, Australia, plus runs a self-publishing and editing business, Billington Media. She loves living abroad more than simply sight-seeing. She is the proud adopted owner of a senior cat, and will smile at dogs in the street and accidentally ignore their owners. True crime and paranormal investigation shows are her guilty pleasure, and she’s is pretty bummed out at the lack of teen comedies at the movies these days. ​

Sarah is a Pop Culture Tragic for The Walking Dead, Serial, Eurovision Song Contest, YouTube beauty vloggers, true crime and true life paranormal shows, life hacks and animal rescue videos. She loves action blockbusters at the movies and reading teen thrillers and contemporary comedies in bed. As much as she doesn’t want to, she can’t help but find the Kardashians fascinating. Connect with her on Twitter @SarahBillington. She mostly tweets about her cat.

Senior Editor and Staff Writer – Chaille Bos


Though Sarah is in charge of the content, Chaille (Shay) is in charge of polishing the words and making Sarah’s geeking out coherent.

Chaille is a budding mystery and speculative fiction author. She travels too much, having visited all continents but the poles. She hikes in every country she visits and hates it every time. World-round, monkeys seem to have a special love for her; she doesn’t mind when they take naps around her neck, but kisses on the lips are another matter entirely. She is a proud owner of a labradoodle who she smothers with love (and she just conned her family into getting another!). She loves all shows sci-fi and can’t watch a crime show without take bets on the perpetrator.

Chaille is a Pop Culture Tragic for everything. Literally – she watches everything she can get her hands on. It’s a wonder she finds time for anything else. She has a special fondness for Game of Thrones, Law & Order, and any period show and superhero adaptation ever made. Tweet her @ChailleBos

Pop Culture Tragic banner

[Image via Pop Culture Tragic]


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